every now and then, ally may ask you questions and you will be given multiple choice answers.


How many types of elements are there in the Dragon World? - 5

What EX can EX-Glimmer be evolved to? - EX-Time Zero
What is the humanized name of the Dragon Lord Norton? - Ronald Don
Which EX is the best match for EX-Royal Fire? - EX-Tyran'ts Eye


Stronger, tougher and more resolute... What do you think is the source of strength? - Power comes from the Soul.

What is Caesar's ID in the hunter's market? - Governor of Gaul
What kind of books does the vice principal enjoy reading the most? - Adult Magazine
Where did Professors Guderian and Manstein first meet? - Lunatic Asylum
Who is Luminous' mentor? - Guderian


If you relationship is Finger is good, he will trigger a chat with you to ask you to invest in him once in awhile. You can chose to invest the following.

- $10K gold

- $40K gold

- $100K gold

All the outcomes are random. So far, i see a total of 4 possible outcomes:

(1) he will lose the money and give you back a little

(2) he will lose all the money and you get nothing back.

(3) he will double the money and give you back $200K gold.

(4) he will lose the money, but ask you to play a game. If you win it you can get the money back.


You may get a quest from Erii to "Listen to Erii's Wish". However, when you press on the quest menu, perhaps its a bug or something, but it does not take you to the location that you need. I personally kept getting the message ''ünable to reach that location".

Head over to Tsukumomi Prison and go to 78,44. You should see Erii sitting there. Talk with her to trigger this quest.

You can then follow the quest prompts to go to the Hot Springs Resort. 

There will be a TV there, and when you interact with it, you will need to press the ''next'' button to go to the next page of channels. You will see 2 x BAIFERN channels, that you can select for Erii to watch. Let her watch both to complete this quest.


At or around level 70, Enxi will approach you to talk about the stock market. After that, in order to activate this quest, you will need to increase your bond with Enxi.
The quest will appear when the bond level with Enxi is sufficient. To increase bond level, you can give Enxi Gifts.
The quest will show on the Quest menu as ''Try to invest in "Shares once''. 
The stock exchange is basically about buying and selling shares, and profiting off of the price difference.
The Stock exchange opens from 9:30 - 15:00 game time, so we can only buy and sell during these hours.
When the stock exchange opens, fluctuations in price pf the stocks will occur every 30 minutes of game time. This equates to 5 minutes of real time.
Players can buy and sell freely during the opening hours.
There is a max investment amount of 50,000 Gold.
When the stock exchange closes at 15:00, you cannot keep your stocks. All the stocks will be automatically sold at the latest price.

Sadly, this isnt an event that you can do anytime you like. It will only come once in awhile when it is triggered by Enxi, and then you will see it appear in the quest Menu. However, you still won't be able to do it until it reaches the right game-time of 9:30 - 15:00. After which, if you miss the opportunity, it will be gone until Enxi triggers it again in the unknown future.