The Dragon Raja SEA Assassin Class can be considered the most complicated player to use in the game. However, if you use them right, they arguably bring the biggest excitement and rewards.
The Assassin class is a Mage/Assasin class that will give you the best of both worlds, combining Ranged and Melee skills. 
On one hand are mage ranged skills that you can  use to Kite enemies, and on the other hand, are deadly melee skills that you can use to dash in for the massive DPS.
Because of this flexibility though, the Assassin Class will not be suitable for players who like to be on Auto Mode. Because you will really need to be on manual to kite at the right time, and go in for the kill at the right time.
But we can guarantee you though, that the Assassin Class will be a lot of fun if you are the Manual type of player.
If played right, the Assassin Class should be among the top 2 highest DPS classes in the game so far, equivalent or just behind the Gunslinger.


If you click on the Profile picture on the top left hand corner, you will see the "General" Tab. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA Assassin, 2 stats are the most important. They will have "M" beside them.

(1) M.ATK

(2) Multistrike (MS)

You will also see a "!" icon at the bottom right. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. They will have the "M" symbol beside them. For Assassin, focus on:

(1) CON

(2) INT

(3) DEX

And if you click on the "Advanced" Tab, you can see that "Earth ATK" is also important.

Therefore, Assassin builds should focus on these 6 main stats.


From the above section, we can conclude that the Dragon Raja Sea Assassin build should prioritise on:
(1) M.ATK
(2) Multistrike (MS)
(3) Earth Attack
(4) CON
(5) INT
(6) DEX

Here are the details about the Core Gems.

​Fire/Red: STR = HP, MATK, Multistrike

​Water/Blue: INS = HP, MATK, AP, CDR

​Wind/Green: DEX = HP, MATK, Crit, Multistrike

​Earth/Yellow: CON = HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit Res

The best Core Gems for Assasin are thus:

​(1) Earth/Yellow: CON

​(2) Wind/Green: DEX

Boost MATK + Multistrike.

(3) Fire/Red: INT

This will the Main Gem for the Assassin Class, boosting MATK and Multistrike.


There are 2 main Assassin Core Builds, and they depend on the Assassin Talents that you choose.

Melee DPS Build

9 Fire, 5 Wind, 2 Earth.

This focuses on dishing out as much DPS as posssible when the Assassin is in shadow mode (melee).

9 Fire will maximise the MATK and Multistrike Core Stats. 5 Dex for the next best gem to maximise the MATK and Multistrike Core Stats. 2 Earth to add some stability so you are not such a glass cannon.

Multistrike Build

9 Wind, 5 Fire, 2 Earth

This build focuses on dealing as much damage with Multistrike. It will also benefit both Shadow form (melee) and Hunter form (ranged) equally.

9 Wind will give maximum Multistrike. 5 Fire will add more Multistrike. 2 Earth to ad some hardiness.



There is only 1 best skill build for the Assassin.

It will combines ranged skills for kiting, and melee skills for massive DPS. 

(1) Dark Rhapody (ranged kiting)

(2) Prelude Dawn (ranged kiting)

(3) Nocturne Luna (ranged kiting) + Moon Shadow (gap close to enemy). Don't use Moon Shadow if you want to continue kiting. Moon Shadow will make you gap close to the enemy. So only use this when you are prepared to go into Melee Mode. As soon as you use Moon Shadow, use

(4) Dark Hunt - changes from ranged to melee mode, and adds Hunt Mark to the enemy. Hunt mark is a very important debuff that causes the enemy to take more damage. I strongly recommend to only go into Melee Mode when the enemy has Hunt Mark inflicted on it.

(5) Shadow Dart - inflicts Nether Mark.

(6) Soul Fissure

(7) Choose either Shadow Strike OR Obsidian Edge. If the opponent is still near to you, use Obsidian Edge then Shadow Strike. If the opponent is kiting you, use , then use Obsidian Edge.

(8) Void Storm - use it to go back to Ranged mode. I suggest doing this as soon as the Hunt Mark runs out, or all the Melee skills are on cooldown. 

(9) Crystal Coffin gives you 8 seconds of immunity, but you will not be able to do anything as well. You will have to use this strategically.

For example, if you are still in melee mode and unable to return to ranged kiting mode due to the cooldown, you can cast Crystal Coffin to buy time so that you don't take so much damage.

At the end of the day, depending on whether you chose the Melee DPS Build or Multistrike Build, you would still need to make use of all the skills. However, if you are in the Melee DPS Build, you will need to spend more time in Shadow Form (melee) to do more DPS, and if you are the Multistrike Build, it benefits both forms so you can spend time on any according to your preferences.


There are 2 tracks of Assassin talents, depending on your preference.

(1) Multistrike Build - This talent build focuses on maximising Multistrike DPS.

C Level Talent - Triple Variation

B Level Talent - Dissonance 

A Level Talent - Echo of Soul

S Level Talent - Nibelungen Song

(2) Melee DPS DPS - this talent build focuses on dealing massive DPS in Melee Mode. You will see that all the talents are focused on reducing the cooldown of the melee skills, so that you can dish out as much damage a possible in melee when Hunt Mark is active, before switching back to kiting mode again.

C Level Talent - Magic Melody

B Level Talent - Moon Serenade

A Level Talent - Funeral Bells

S Level Talent - Death Aria

The talents that you choose will depend on the Assassin Core Build that you have chosen above.



Multistrike Build

- Magic Crystal

- Omen of Dawn

- Moon in Shadow

- Chain Blades

- Avalanche

- Triple Impaling

- Torture

Melee DPS build

- Shadow Mastery

- Melt Weapon

- Shadow Focus

- Impale Weakness

- Abyss Eye

- Lock Target

- Triple Impaling

- Torture

You will still need to utilise both sets of ranged and melee skills, so its best to buff both.


Multistrike Build

(1) Thunderclap - passive buffs Multistrike

(2) BlackHole

Melee DPS Build

(1) Royal Fire

(2) Void


You will probably level up all the SIGILS in the long run. But you can probably Prioritise INS less since its not one of the Main Stats.


Stat Priorities
Prioritise all the Main stats that are Core to the Assassin class.
6 stats per equipment:
(1) INT (Main)
(2) CON (Main)
(3) DEX (Main)
(4) M.ATK (Main)
(5) Multistrike (Main)
(6) Earth Atk (Main)
Don't try to go for tank or DPS ideas, just focus on getting the 6 main core stats. This is because, Equipment stats are not like Core Gems and Skills that we can change in and out easily. So for Equipment, its best to focus on the 6 Core stats as much as you can. Then, whether you want to be a Tank or DPS character, augment it by Core Gems. For example, you can go 9 Fire gems for DPS, or 9 Earth gems for tank, or even 9 Water Gems if you want to focus on cooldowns and CC.
You can't sell gears in this game, you can only dismantle. So Before you dismantle unused gears, check the "Trans" feature to see what stats you will be able to "Trans" over.
(1) Trans over useful stats from other gear to your currently used gear.

(2) If you change gears, Trans over useful stats from the previous gear to the new gear.
This is to make sure that your accumulated stats will keep getting better and better.


Late Game, you will be able to purchase all 8 yellow chips because there will be more than enough slots.


Which Allies are most suitable to be Assassin Main Ally? Check out the Ally Guide section.