The Dragon Raja SEA BladeMaster is a standard Warrior/Tank class that you would expect. The Blademaster is also the only pure Melee class in the game. So if you like pure melee, The Blademaster is your only choice. You can choose to build DPS or Tank builds, its really up to you. But what makes the BladeMaster so menacing in Dragon Raja SEA is that he has arguably the most Crowd Control (CC) skills in the game compared to the other characters. He also has the most gap-close skills like Dash, and Charge, making the Blademaster in this game very feared by even ranged characters.


If you click on the Profile picture on the top left hand corner, you will see the "General" Tab. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA BladeMaster, 2 stats are the most important. They will have "M" beside them.

(1) P.ATK

(2) AP Lv

You will also see a "!" icon at the bottom right. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. They will have the "M" symbol beside them. For BladeMaster, focus on:

(1) CON

(2) STR

(3) INS

And if you click on the "Advanced" Tab, you can see that "Fire ATK" is also important.

Therefore, BladeMaster builds should focus on these 6 main stats.


From the above section, we can conclude that the Dragon Raja Sea BladeMaster build should prioritise on:
(1) P.ATK
(2) AP Lvl
(3) Fire Attack
(4) CON
(5) STR
(6) INS

Here are the details about the Core Gems.

​Fire/Red: STR = HP, PATK, AP

​Water/Blue: INS = HP, PATK, AP, CDR

​Wind/Green: DEX = HP, PATK, Crit, Multistrike

​Earth/Yellow: CON = HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit Res

The best Core Gems for BladeMaster are thus:

​(1) Earth/Yellow: CON

This is a must have for Tank Build.

​(2) Fire/Red: STR

This is a must have to maximise P.ATK and AP

​(3) Water/Blue: INS

This will give a combination of P.ATK, AP and CDR.

​Gem to avoid = Wind/Green DEX. This is because DEX isn't one of the Main stats to focus on for BladeMaster.



We did some experimentation the Water Gems for CDR. With 9 Water Gems, the CDR for Void was 31 seconds. And we redued the Water Gems slowly until we ony had 2 Water Gems. Guess what? the CDR of Void was still 31 seconds. This leads us to believe that at this later stage of the game, CDR has already reached a certain Diminishing Returns level. Equipping Water Gems will therefore be a bit of a waste because we are not utilising the CDR Stat well. However, we still need Water Gems for AP. Therefore, we decided to keep the Water Gems at just 2. Instead, we used 5 Earth Gems. This is because the BM is the pillar of the PVP Team. Someone to absorb damage and tank for the rest of the team. If the BM dies, the other classes will die very quickly. Therefore, it is important for the BM to be a durable team player.

So our current Later in Game PVP recommended build for the BladeMaster would be 9 Fire, 5 Earth, 2 Water.

Some people may also ask about putting in Wind Gems for Crit and MS. Well, we tested this too. And we tested this fighting at the highest level in Ladder of Honor. We started with 7 Wind Gems. 7 Water Gems, and 2 Earth Gems. The performance was very poor. We switched out the Wind Gems to Fire Gems slowly, and could see a significant increase in DPS when the Fire Gems came in. This leads us to believe that Wind Gems may look useful, but they actually are not. PATK and AP will still give the BladeMaster a better performance compared to Crit and MS. We continue to leave out Wind Gems from our BladeMaster build.



For PVP, it is best recommended for the BladeMaster to have the CC Build. This is because, the BladeMaster has the most number of CC skills among all the other classes. Therefore, the CC build will enable the BladeMaster to contribute the most. The 2nd priority is then DPS. There are several variations to PVP builds, up to your preferences.

​(1) DPSCC

Priority is DPS first, and CC 2nd. You can go with 9 Fire, 5 Water and 2 Earth. 

9 Fire will give you maximum DPS. 5 Water will give sufficient CDR so that you can cycle the CC skills as much as possible to help the team.

​(2) CCDPS

Priority will be CC first, and DPS second. 9 Water, 5 Fire and 2 Earth. 9 Water will maximise CDR, followed by 5 Fire for added DPS.

​(3) CCTank

Priority will be CC first, and Tank second. 9 Water, 5 Earth and 2 Fire.

9 Water for the max CDR and some DPS to cycle CC skills. 5 Earth for added defence.

​(4) TankCC

Priority is Tank first, and CC second. You can go with 9 Earth, 5 Water and 2 Fire. 9 Earth will give you maximum tankiness. 5 Water for some CDR and DPS for CC skills.

​​(5) TankDPS

Priority is Tank first, DPS second. 9 Earth, 5 Fire, 2 Water. 9 Earth for maximum defence, and 5 Fire for added DPS.


​For PvE, you can choose between 2 builds. If the enemies are weak, DPSPvE build will be the best for maximum damage output.

This build is for maximum DPS, assuming that defense is no longer the issue. For example, farming monsters or weaker boss raids.

​9 Fire, 5 Water, 2 Earth.

9 Fire for maximum DPS. 5 Water for some DPS and CDR.


​For enemies that are strong, TankPvE will be the best to contribute to the team because the BladeMaster is the best tank in the game.

This build is for maximum Defence. Assuming you are doing difficult boss raids like Nirvana Hard or Radiance Challenges that are tough.

​9 Earth, 5 Fire, 2 Water

Here, CDR is not so important because CC is limited. So we focus on 9 Earth for tankiness, and 5 Fire for DPS.


Once you unlock S Level Talents, the skill build will change because of S Level Talent Izanami's Dance. To maximise Izanami's Dance's buff, you will need to rotate between Meitou and Odachi as often as possible.

CCPVP - Meitou + Odachi focused

​The priority here is to showcase all the BladeMaster's CC Skills. So, the 4 skills should be:

​(1) Night: Aftershock - inflicts Aerial

(2) Flash + Counter Wave - Gap Close + throws the target behind.

(3) Moon Shatterer - Gap Close + Aerial

(4) Blizzard - Freeze (see below for the difference between Freeze and Shock)

​The general strategy is to alternate between Meitou and Odachi modes to cycle as many CC skills and Gap Close skills as possible, and also to activate Izanami's Dance buff.

I use auto battle to auto trigger some skills, and leave some Skills on manual to use strategically.

For the Auto Combat Settings, you can set the skills as follows:

​(1) Void - buff
(2) Blossom Dance - inflicts Cherry blossom

(3) Azure Moon

(4) Roundhouse Kill

​So the following skills are left out of Auto mode and cast manually together with the auto combat On.

(1) Flash + Counter Wave - use this to gap close kiting enemies + Stun.

(2) Sakura Slay + Ephemeral Beauty - gap close 

(3) Blizzard - Switch to Odachi Mode when all Meitou skills are on cooldown.

(4) Moon Shatterer - Gal close + Aerial

(5) Diagonal Slash - Gap Close

(6) Night Aftershock - Aerial and Switch to Meitou mode.

So, we have 4 x Gap Close skills that we can cast manually to chase kiting enemies. Then, don't forget the ''evade" skill that you can use to dash towards the enemy instead too.

DPSPVE - Odachi + Meitou Focused

​The priority is for DPS skills, no need for CC skills. So, the 4 skills should be:

(1) Fighting Spirit - allies deal additional damage

(2) Moon Gazer - AoE

(3) Moon Shatterer - higher DPS

(4) Red Lotus - Burn DPS

For the Combat Settings, you can set the skills as follows:

(1) Void

(2) Blossom Dance

(3) Sakura Slay + Ephemeral Beauty

(4) Moongazer + Wane

(5) Red Lotus

(6) Demon Rage

(7) Roundhouse Kill

(8) Azure Moon + Diagonal Slash

(9) Fighting Spirit

Personally, i leave out Moon Shatterer because this is a DPS build. We will not need this.

TANKPVE - Meitou + Odachi focused

​The priority is for Tankiness + DPS. So, the 4 skills should be:

​(1) Redoubtable - reduced damage

(2) Moon Gazer - AoE

(3) Mist Posture : Landslide - higher damage reduction (40%) than Moon Shatterer (30%)

(4) Blizzard - Freeze

​For the Combat Settings, you can set the skills as follows:

(1) Void - buff

(2) MoonGazer + Wane

(3) Blossom Dance

(4) Sakura Slay + Ephemeral Beauty

(5) Blizzard

(6) Azure Moon + Diagonal Slash

(9) Redoubtable

I leave out:

(1) Demon Rage so i take less damage.

(2) Landslide - cast manually if required.


CCPVP - Meitou + Odachi Focused

C Level - Blossom Slash

​B Level - Wind and Moon - doubles Void to 20 seconds. increases survivability by a lot.

A Level - Rakshasa Dance

​S Level Talent - Dragon Lord's Wrath. Very useful. Adds Movement Speed, Dodge and Damage Reduction. This is very useful especially if fighting against kiters.

​DPSPVE - Meitou + Odachi Focused

​C Level - Blossom Slash

​B Level - New Life

​A Level - Moon Shackle

​S Level - Izanami's Dance

Because of Izanamis Dance, we need talents to buff both Meitou and Odachi, but a slightly higher focus on Odachi as Odachi has more DPS for PVE.

TANK - Meitou + Odachi Focused

C Level Talent - Excited

Combines well with Diamond Realm for tankiness.


B Level Talent - Wind and Moon

Buffs Void for Dodge. (needs Meitou Mode)

A Level Talent - Rakshasa Dance - Buff for Super Armour. (needs Odachi Mode)

S Level - Dragon Lord's Wrath (Benefits both)


From the main menu, go to "Skill" --> "Talent" --> "Deep Taletn" at the bottom left.


- Find weakness

- Weapon flurry

- Flower story

- Aura Slash

- Heavy Force

- Fire Essence

- Unstoppable

- Powerful Counter

Tank Build

- Find weakness

- Weapon Flurry

- Airborne Combo

- Flower Story

- meitou mastery

- war scar

- survivalist


- find weakness

- Weapon flurry

- airborne combo

- flower story

- meitou mastery

- aura slash

- Heavy Force

In order to get more Deep Talent Points, we will need to upgrade the Nibelungen Refine.



(1) Oberon - simply because Diamond Realm is more for PvE.

​(2) Dustbuster. Later stage in the game, the PVP becomes pivotal in team PVP not to deal damage, but to absorb damage as well. In top tier PVP, the BladeMaster is really needed to soak up damage for the rest of the team. Once the BladeMaster dies, it is fast to see the other classes die quickly. Dustbuster is also a big damage dealer, dealing 30k damage per second for 15 seconds. It then slows nearby enemies by 30% moevement speed, good for the BladeMaster to catch kiters.


(1) Diamond Realm - more for PvE.

​(2) Dustbuster.


Diamond Realm - more for PvE.

​Creed - Dustbuster.


All the Sigils are important for the various builds. With patience, you can slowly upgrade them. Perhaps DEX can be the last priority. Because our builds revolve around STR, CON and INS.
One way to get D-Cypher Runes to upgrade the Sigils easily is to buy them from the Club Store.


Stat Priorities
Prioritise all the Main stats that are Core to the BladeMaster class.
6 stats per equipment:
(1) STR (Main)
(2) CON (Main)
(3) INS (Main)
(4) P.ATK (Main)
(5) AP (Main)
(6) Fire Atk (Main)
Don't try to go for tank or DPS ideas, just focus on getting the 6 main core stats. This is because, Equipment stats are not like Core Gems and Skills that we can change in and out easily. So for Equipment, its best to focus on the 6 Core stats as much as you can. Then, whether you want to be a Tank or DPS character, augment it by Core Gems. For example, you can go 9 Fire gems for DPS, or 9 Earth gems for tank, or even 9 Water Gems if you want to focus on cooldowns and CC.
You can't sell gears in this game, you can only dismantle. So Before you dismantle unused gears, check the "Trans" feature to see what stats you will be able to "Trans" over.
(1) Trans over useful stats from other gear to your currently used gear.

(2) If you change gears, Trans over useful stats from the previous gear to the new gear.
This is to make sure that your accumulated stats will keep getting better and better.


Late game, you will be able to get all 8 yellow chips as there will be 10 slots.


Our pick for the best Allies for the BM.

Centre ally - Party Erii.

Support ally - Party Luminous, Party Johann, Party Zero. These 3 allies have ally bonds that buff PATK, and they STACK! 

Support ally - Nono or Caesar, depending on whether you lack MDEF or PDEF.

A lot of people tell us that AP is very important for the BladeMaster. Yes, it is important, but not as important as PATK. AP only works well because of 1 Skill, due to 1 Talent. The C Level Talent Blossom Slash causes Cherry Blossom explosion effect to ignore enemy defence based on player AP Lv. This is only 1 skill. So yes, AP is important, but PATK is slightly more important because it can benefit all your skills and not just one skill. Therefore for Allies, we have chosen to go with the above 3.


Which other Allies are most suitable to be BladeMaster Main Ally? Check out the Ally Guide section.