Latest Diamond Promotion Rate = 1 diamond = $0.0031

New Packages have been updated for this week. Check out the Latest Events section for the analysis.


The best promotion packages that you can find are:

(1) Timed Rewards - $0.0037 per coupon.

(2) Lucky Gift - $0.0065 per coupon

(3) Daily Offers - $0.0029 per coupon

These promotions can give you a diamond/coupon value of average $0.0065 per diamond/coupon. Compared to buying them directly from the market rate store, its $0.0133 per diamond/coupon. So the promotions are These promotions come very often, so you do not have to worry. Avoid buying coupons from the store at market rate.

If you want an even better deal, after getting these promotion coupons, don't spend them in the cash shop to buy regular priced items. Wait for Events to come like Witch's Wish Room, Lucky Tarot, etc and spend your coupons there.

Spending promotion rate coupons at promotino rate events will give you the best deal possible at the moment.


Latest Diamond Rate = 1 diamond = $0.0027 - $0.0031, we will take an average of $0.00295

New Packages have been updated for this week. Check out the Latest Events section for the analysis.


Periodic Review of the Dragon Raja SEA cash shop items and what are good and not good to buy. Also includes guide on the other Shops available in Dragon Raja Sea.

Always be Patient. Avoid buying coupons from the store at market rate. Wait for the following promotions.

Lucky Gift.
Buy 660 Coupons from the Store. It will cost $4.99 x 2 = $10. You will get 660 coupons, but also get to choose 3 free gifts. Choose the ones with the highest diamond value, usually the ones on the furthest right. They will be items like:
- Amethyst Potion
- Fusion Essense
- Magic Motive Core
You may not need them now, but will need them later. And its the most worth it to get them via this package.

Timed Rewards.
You get this offer when you achieve certain milestones in the game. So this will be very limited. Timed Rewards are all very worth it, and can range from $2.99 to $49.99. They come with Coupons and a lot of other freebies. This is a sample of the $99.99 timed rewards that we get at or around November 2020.

For $99.99, we will get:

- 6480 coupons

- 40 secret commands = 4,800 diamonds

- 6 Dreamy Paint Cans = 5,860 diamonds

- 10 Chaotic Fire = 9,880 diamonds.

This gives us a total coupons + diamonds of 27,020. This equates to a per diamond/coupon rate of $0.0037

When you get such promotion packs like Timed Rewards and Lucky Gift, you will be getting coupons/diamonds worth at an average rate of $0.0037. This is very worth it. If you were to buy the coupons from the Store at market rate, $99.99 will give you 7546 coupons. This is a rate of 1 coupon = $0.0133. So you can make the decision for yourself.




When your Gear Enhance level reaches Wings T1 Purple, the chances of enhancement success will only be 45%. This means, that chances of failure will be higher than success. You could therefore end up wasting a lot of money trying to enhance further. 

The Daily Offers packages have several items that are for Gear Enhancement. Therefore, if you prefer not to waste your money on a low success rate, and focus on increasing Rating via other means, then you may choose to avoid purchasing this offer, and wait for other more suitable offers.

We compare the value of these packs with our promotion value rates of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0055.

Daily Offer - $0.99. These are the items that you can get:
60 coupons 
Paint Can - 96 diamonds
Paint Card x 3 - 36 coupons
Dark Particle x 5 - 150 diamonds
Total coupons + diamonds = 342

Theres a 30% chance to get Color Card Box that gives Paint Card x 10, but i will ignore this.
Therefore this pack gives a rate of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0029

Daily Offer - $1.99. These are the items that you can get:
120 coupons
Paint Card x 6 = 72 coupons
Level 5 Elemental Gem = 48 diamonds
Type 1 expertise x 5 = 100 diamonds

Eternal Flames x 5 = 200 diamonds
Total coupons + diamonds = 540

Theres 30% chance to get Secret Command x 3 but i will ignore this.

Therefore this pack gives a rate of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0037

Daily Offer - $2.99. These are the items that you can get:

180 coupons
Coin Enhance Set that gives Eternal Flames x 3 and 100,000 Gold = 220 diamonds
Evolution stone - 198 diamonds
Mandate Ether x 10 = 200 diamonds

Type 1 expertise x 10 = 200 diamonds
Total coupons + diamonds = 998
Therefore this pack gives a rate of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0030

So as you can see, all 3 Daily Offer packs are pretty worth it, giving you VERY GOOD value below the average of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0065.

However, there is a better deal if you buy all the packs above, for $12.99. You can get 1 x Daily Offer $0.99, 2 x Daly Offer $1.99 and 3 X Daily Offer $2.99 for just $12.99 total.
This means that for $12.99 you will get a total of  4416 diamonds/coupons.
This gives us a rate of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0029
This is probably the best deal in the game so far, and im so surprised that we can get it Daily. 
Even though the packs contain some Eternal Flames, but the % is low. The pack is still super cheap.

Last thing to note is that the Daily Pack $2.99 has a 100% chance to get World Tree Box. If you get enough World Tree Boxes, you can open them to get World Tree Emblems and exchange them at the World Tree Emblem shop for some pretty decent items that can increase ratings. Also, Daily Offer $2.99 comes with a chance to get "Advanced Luck", a buff that would increase your drop rate of Purple loot. I believe, the Daily Offer is the only way to get World Tree Emblems

So, my conclusion would be to only buy $0.99 or $2.99 packs. 


Level 10 Pack

This gives 20 diamonds and a few other items that are not so critical. the key is the 20 diamonds for $0.99. This makes it $0.0495 per diamond. I will stay from this pack.

Level 20 Pack

This gives 200 diamonds and a few other items. But the key are the diamonds. 200 diamonds for $0.99. This makes it $0.00495 per diamond. This is a very worth it pack to get diamonds. If you need diamonds, get this.

Level 30 Pack

This gives you 2 x level 5 elemental gems and some other items. They key are the level 5 elemental Gem. The problem is that they are random. So you could get gems that you don't need, and this is a gamble that i don't like spending my money on. Stay away from this pack unless you have a lot of money to spend.

Level 40 Pack

$0.99 for 200 diamonds. This is also $0.00495 per diamond. Same as Level 20 Pack. This is a very worth it pack to get diamonds. If you need diamonds, get this.

Level 50 Pack

All the items are non RNG and can give you guaranteed returns. On the other hand, if you're patient, you can also get these items during the course of the game. Only get this pack if you have the money to spend.

Level 60 Pack

$0.99, and the item is 220 Lost Whispers. It is exactly enough to purchase a Level 50 Purple Equipment with Draconics from the Lost Whisper Shop. The key is the Draconics, because you can be level 60 purple equipment sooner or later, but Draconics are rare. However, the Draconic that you get will be random, so it is still RNG based, so you may get a draconic that you dont want. Therefore, i would recommend, only get this pack if you have any equipment with no draconics at all. Then there is a high chance that any Draconic that you get will be better than no draconic at all.

Level 70 Pack

$2.99 for 200 diamonds and 4 Evolution Stones. I ignore the Gems because it is RNG and you may get Gems that you dont need. 1 Evolution stone sells for about 198 diamonds in the store. So this $2.99 contains about 1000 diamonds worth. so 1 diamond = $0.00299. This is a really worth it pack. I would recommend to get it.

Level 80 Pack

I'm sorry i forgot to keep track of this pack. But i am definitely sure that similar to the other Level Pack, this one was also very worth it and worth getting.

Level 90 Pack

No Brainer as per all the earlier level packs. Get it.


this gives 100 diamonds and some other equipment for $0.99. So this is the rate of $0.0099 per diamond. However, it also comes with 1 costume and 1 necklace. Getting these will add to your ratings and also the Outfit collection. Its not the best pack from a diamond standpoint, but if you have the money to spend, you can get it for the ratings increases.


Combat Medal Pack - Dragonslayer Medal

All the long term packs are good. This is one example. If you are in for the long run, this package is a must get.

Combat Medal Pack - Peak Dragonslayer Medal

This pack helps you to fast track the above Combat Medal Pack to level 30. you don't have to do this. Because over time you will get it anyway. So its not important. I will stay away from this pack.


All the long term package are good if you are in for the long run. This is one of them and its a must have.


The Fashion section only comes in useful later on the game. You will reach a stage when everything costs a lot of diamonds/coupons to increase rating. For example, at Core Level 11-12, it will take thousands of diamonds to increase Core by 1 level, and that only gives 120 rating. From this point of view, an outfit from the Fashion section may cost just 1,680 coupons, but can raise the rating by 100+ as well.

Be careful though when buying outfits from the Fashion store. Look carefully at the item details before you buy them. Buy only the permanent ones. Some of them are only temporary and therefore not worth it to spend on them.


You may find that in your inventory you have a "Signed Foil Card". If you combine the Signed Foil Card with 3 other items, Ghost Car, Retro Console, and Cassette, you can exchange these 4 items at the vending machine for some really rare goodies that can increase your CP. Personally, i don't come here specially to buy all 4 items. But, sometimes you may find that you have already collected 3 of the items in your inventory. Its therefore quite okay to buy the 4th item from the Treasures store so that you can get the full set to do the Gacha.

On Sale

In general, everything in the On Sale section is discounted. However, they are not the best discounts that you can get. I prefer to assess each pack on a case by case basis to decide. Follow our Latest Events page for the updates!