In the main menu, click on "Club". Inside the Club menu, there will be 6 tabs on the right hand column. The First tab is the Info tab that shows you the club events schedule for the day. The bottom tab is the "Events" tab that will show you all the Club Events available.


This is a new permanent Club event. You will start to collect Sage's Stones by doing dailies. You can use the Sage Stones to give them to the NPC in the club grounds. It will help to "charge" the bar. Club members can all help to charge this bar. When the bar is full, the Club President can summon a dragon for the club to kill.

After you use the Sage Stone to charge, you will get Stone Heart items in your inventory. You can use Stone Heart items to visit the S. Heart shop to purchase Gear  Case - Refit which has level 90 equipment.

When the Dragon Luring is charge, the Club President should let the Club Members know in advance when the Dragon will be summoned. There will only be one chance, so it will let the club members prepare to be ready.

You can actually take part in Dragon Luring that is started by other Clubs too. Look out in the System chat for the announcement "XXX from XXX Club has initiated Dragon Luring at Chizuru. Please proceed to help!". Head to the beach at Chizuru and the boss will spawn there.


You will see 4 Quests that you can "Download". Basically, when you have "downloaded" a quest, it will appear in your Quest tab. You can auto complete the Quest. After completing it, you will be able to "Upload" the results to complete the quest and get a reward. 
You can complete up to 50 Quests and you have 1 week to do so.
There are 4 types of quests, Gold, Purple, Blue and Green.
You can Refresh the quest list 3 times only for the whole week.
My Suggestion is to Avoid doing Green quests as much as possible, and focus on Blue, Gold and Purple quests.
You can follow the following foolproof steps:
(1) if you see a Blue, Gold or Purple Quests, download them and complete them.
(2) After completion, the , Blue, Gold and Purple quests will be replaced by new quests. Repeat Step (1) until you see that there are no more Blue, Gold and Purple quests on the list.

(3) Wait until the next real day. The list will refresh. So hopefully you will get more blue, purple and gold. Repeat step (2) and (3) until the last day of the week, i.e. Sunday.
(4) On Sunday, if you still have not finished 50, click on Refresh. and Repeat steps (1) and (2). This will ensure, that we only focus on doing Blue, Gold and Purple quests, and do not waste our chances on Green quests as much as possible. Repeat step (4) on Sunday until all the refreshes are used up.


Dragon Raja Sea Demolition Club event. Protect the Club Grounds from monsters.

This is a club event. The Club Grounds are being invaded by monsters. Join your club mates to ward off the monsters. You can kill up to 5 waves of monsters for each event.

When you have completed the 5 waves, do not leave the event yet. There will be a notice that asks you to remain until the countdown is over in order to claim the rewards.


Travel and take pictures with your club mates.
This is a very simple quest that can be done every day. Form a party with guild mates. Then trigger the quest. You will be asked to visit a location. Just tap on the quest to be brought to the location automatically. When all party members have reached the location, snap a picture.
The camera is at the top right hand corner of the main screen, just to the left of the battery sign.
Once you've snapped the picture, the quest will be complete. Remember, all the party members must be at the location when the picture is taken in order for the quest to be complete.
You can also get rewards by assisting other club mates to compete the quest. This means, you accompany them to be a part of their picture. You can get up to 3 assist rewards each day.


exchange Power of Club tokens for EXP.

You may notice that you have some silver coins in your inventory called "Power of Club" tokens. When you "Use" these, you will be taken to an NPC. You need to have a guild in order to do this. 

When you get to the NPC, you will see that you can spend your tokens on 4 choices. 

Do not spend all your tokens on 1 choice only. Instead, spread your tokens across the 4 choices to make sure that all the 4 choices are progressing equally. this is because the 4 choices need to progress equally in order to trigger certain events for the guild. There is no point increasing 1 choice to 1000 points, and neglecting the other choices.

When there are enough points, the guild will be able to hold a Party. So far, i have seen 2 types of parties. This happens when there are 150 points at each of the 4 choices. The Guild Leaders can trigger a Party.

The parties will not be shown in the Events Tab. So you will need to:

(1) look out for announcements in Yellow that will flash across the main screen while you play. Its easy to miss them.

(2) Go to the Club menu and go to the Events tab. There you can click on "Power of Club"to join the event.

Type 1

The event is pretty chill. There are 3 things that you can do. Dance, Shoot Fireworks, or Soak on the pool. For each activity, you will get passive EXP after every few seconds.

Type 2

Kill 3 different bosses.

- Trial Phase One - Dexterity Trial - Defeat Ruthless Hybrids. Charging is Ruthless Hybrid's specialty. Be sure to evade.

- Trial Phase Two - INT Trial - Defeat Cunning Hybrids.

- Trial Phase Three - Coordination Trial - Defeat Trial Robots. Pay attention to your coordination. Try to beat both Trial Robots at the same time.

When the event ends, collect the prize from the NPC and thats it.


Dragon Raja Sea Star of Cassel event. Club voting event.
The guild leader or deputies need to Open this event. 
5 of your Club mates will participate in a Superstar contest. Club members can vote for the club mates that they support. You can only choose 1 club mate to vote for and support. At the end of the event, if the club mate that you voted for wins, you will get additional rewards for participating.
This event has to be triggered by the Club Leader.


Dragon Raja Sea Clash of Swords event. Raid Bosses with your Club! Club VS Club event.
This is a Club event. Raid bosses together with your club members. You can only enter the raid 3 times. Gain as many points as you can for each fight. The more damage that you do, the more points you get. At the end of the day, only the fight with the highest points will contribute to the Club Total points.
At the same time, another Club will also be doing the same thing, and that Club will also have its total of Club Total Points.
At the end of the event, the Club with the higher points wins.
For this event, 40 club members can enter to hit the boss at the same time. To get the highest damage, it is important to have the club organise a proper time so that as many people as possible can go in together. With 40 people hitting together, there will be many buffs that can stack. For example, for the BladeMaster, the Blossom Slash C Level talent and Cherry Blossom Snow A Level talent can stack 5 times and 3 times respectively. The only way to achieve this is to have many BladeMasters hitting the boss at the same time, so that all their Cherry Blossoms will stack with each other.
Other Classes may also have skills that can debuff the boss, or buff each other to do more damage.
This event is all about big group team work.


Dragon Raja Sea Hunter Ranger event. Kill as many monsters as you can in 20 minutes!

Yes, this event only lasts 20 minutes, so don't miss the window! Travel to the event grounds and you can take part in the event as a party, or alone. A party would be better as you can kill faster.

Kill as many monsters as you can in 20 minutes and enjoy the rewards!

You can only kill 10 rounds of monsters. If you complete the 10 rounds below 20 minutes, do not leave the area yet! There will be a notice telling you to stay until the end of the event in order to get the rewards.


Vote for 1 Dragon, and kill the other!
when you trigger the event you will be taken to the club grounds. For the first part, just go around killing the monsters that appear in the club grounds.
Then, the 2nd part will come where there will be 2 dragons, 1 red and one blue.
Phase 1 - nothing happens, its 2 minutes for everyone to come to the dragons.
Phase 2 - Voting phase. You get to vote for 1 dragon, either the red or the blue.
Phase 3 - here's the thing. If you voted for the Red dragon, then you are on the red side, so you have to kill the Blue dragon. Same for the opposite. If you voted for the Blue dragon, then you will need to kill the Red dragon. Winning the opposite side will give you additional rewards. Its best to wait and see where the majority of the people vote. You can then vote with the majority. Because this means, the majority would then be killing the opposite dragon which will increase your chances of getting the additional rewards.
The best way is for the Club leaders to organise everyone and tell everyone which dragon to vote for, so that everyone one will know to kill the other dragon.


The guild leader or deputies need to start this event.

Phase 1

go over to the BBQ pits to cook some food. when you go near enough to the pits, you will be able to see an action trigger and you can choose what to cook. Only those with chef careers are able to cook. If you are not a chef, you will not be able to cook.

Phase 2 

head over to the waiter to buy some drinks. you can choose from 3 types of drinks.

(1) Caramel Latte

(2) Hefeweizen beer

(3) Strawberry Shake

Then, header over to the BBQ and pool area to see some familiar NPCs standing around.

NoNo only likes Strawberry Shakes and Caramel Latte.

Finger likes Hefeweizen and Caramel Latte

Luminous likes Hefeweizen and Strawberry Shake.

Phase 3

head over to the BBQ pits and eat all you can! at each BBQ pit, you will see the action trigger where you can choose what to eat, between duck, steak, and lobsters. Here is how this works.

Eating each type of food will give you some points. If you eat too much, you will puke and lose half the points. So you need to eat just enough without puking. Once you feel like you have eaten enough, head over to the NPC standing near to the pits and talk to him. He will register your total "eating points". If you eat until you puke, you will lose half the points and will not be able to eat anymore. Go to the waiter to register you points too. Finally, at the end of this phase, the waiter will give the top 3 people with the most eating points additional prizes.

There is a trick to be able to eat more without puking. It is to buy Digestive Tablets. You will find the vendor in Cassell College at 238,360. He only appears some of the time.

I found him there on:

- Sunday, 7PM Game Time

- Tuesday, 7PM Game Time

There are 2 goals to reach for the eating competition:

(1) try to get 51 eating points and above. It will entitle you to the highest grade reward.

(2) Try to eat 10 items consecutively without puking to get the big eater reward.

Finally, head over to the feast NPC to end the event and collect the rewards.


Club VS Club PVP event!

When you join the event, at the bottom right of the event screen, you will see "Simple" and "Hard" modes.

Simple Mode ​

When you join the event you will be taken to a map where you can see different blocks named "Master I", Master II", and so on.

The Master I block contains the most powerful enemy guild members ranked 1 - 10. This continues all the way down until the last block Recruit IV that contains the weakest enemy guild members from rank 91 - 100.

Here is the catch, you can only choose 3 enemy members to fight. Winning a fight will win points for your team. If you lose, you will waste the chance and get no points for your Club. 

Also, the higher ranked the member that you win, the more points you will win for your Club. So it is important that you pick fights that you are confident that you can win, and make full use of all 3 chances to win points for your club.

How can we win all 3 fights? When you click on an enemy to fight, you will see 2 buttons.

(1) Try

(2) Challenge.

You can Try unlimited times. So try fighting the enemies until you find the 3 highest ranked enemies that you are able to beat comfortably.

Then, go back to these 3 enemies that you know you can win, and challenge them officially with the 3 chances that you have.

Hard Mode

You will see a similar profile here. Legend I will contain the strongest enemy players from rank 1 - 5. All the way until Legend IV that will have the weakest players from rank 16 - 20. 
For Hard Mode, the Try button will be disabled, because you will be able to challenge unlimited times. So just start from killing the 20th ranked enemy, and work your way up until you reach an enemy that you are unable to kill. Also for Hard Mode, you will realise that the fights will give you a lot more points if you can kill the opponent.


Project Rhein occurs every saturday. Check out the dedicated Project Rhein section for the answers.


Protect the Guild Leader, then kill him!

This event has 2 phases.

Phase 1:

The Guild Leader is in the South. There are 4 Portals where enemies can come out from. 3 portals are in the North, East and West. In the centre, is a fountain. The 4th portal is right infront of the Guild Leader.

As soon as the enemies come out of the portals at the North, East and West, there will be 2 electrical towers by each portal emitting electricity. This electricity will make the enemies weak. Keep the enemies within the electricity to kill them. Therefore, Club members should split into 4 groups and standby all 4 towers.

Once the enemies go past the electricity and nearer to the guild leader, they will become more powerful.

You can also see the yellow announcements on the main screen to see where the bosses will spawn for each round. For example, ''Enemies have arrived! Go to Central Fountain to take them out!" would mean that the enemies have spawned at the Center portal.

Phase 2.

The Guild Leader will somehow go crazy i don't really know why. But anyway, run back from the portals to where the Guild Leader originally is in the South to kill the Guild Leader. 

The event ends and you can collect the reward.


club vs club PVP.

In this Club war, there will be 1, 3 or 5 Battlefields that can be fought for depending on how many participants there are, and the tier of the Clubs. The 5 Battlefields are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Spirit. 

Preparation Phase - 10min

Clubs can choose which players to send to which battlefield.

Now this is very important. In order to win the war:

If there is 1 battlefield only, its straight forward.

If there are 3 Battlefields, your club just needs to win 2.

If there are 5 Battlefields, your club just needs to win 3.

So clubs should strategies who to send to which battlefields. It is not wise to ''abandon'' some battlefields to leave them empty just to focus on others. This is because, if you are not there to fight for those battlefields, the enemies can win those battlefields fast, and then hop over to help the other battlefields.
War Entry

When the war starts, club members can enter the battlefields as per the guild plan. Once inside the battlefield, you will be at the Staging Area. In order to enter the war, talk to the NPC in the staging area. When you interact with him, you will be given choices of which portals you can teleport to. You can then choose a portal to teleport to and enter the war from that portal.

The War

The battlefield map is very similar to that of the Snowmoon BG Battlefield. There will be 6 portals around the map. Clubs will have to capture and possess as many portals as possible, and defend these portals. When the club is in possession of portals, you will get points for the war.

Also, every few minutes, a Boss will appear at the center of the map. When the boss is killed, it will drop a crystal. The club that possesses the crystal will get significant buffs for the war. So, besides defending the portals, the club should allocate a strong team to fight for the boss when it appears, while the remaining fight for the Portals.

The first club to reach 10,000 points wins the Battlefield. Remember, winning just 1 battlefield will not win the war. The club will need to win 2 or 3 depending on whether there are 3 or 5 battlefields at stake.

Changing Battlefields

If you win one battlefield fast, you can change to the other battlefields to re-enforce another battlefield, do take note that there will be a 2min penalty before you can join another battlefield.

When you exit the battlefield, you cannot enter the event again via the Event --> Land of Conquest method. You will have to go to Club --> Event --> Land of Conquest in order to rejoin the event and enter another battlefield.


Club vs Cllub PVP

This is a large scale Club v Club PVP event. The 2 clubs will start from either ends of the map.

War Map.

(1) At the centre of the map, there is one Giant Miner that can be battled for possession. When in possession, the club will accumulate points.

(2) Around the Map, there can be up to 4 Mining Machines that can be battled for possession as well. When in possession, the club can accumulate points.

(3) Lying around the map are resource barrels that you can fight for and pick them up. This will give your club Resources.

Leader/Battle Master

They will have 2 war abilities.

(1) Can use AirSupport once.

Air support will temporarily increase club members stats by +20% Damage Dealt, -20% Damage received, and 10% HP restoration per second. This only lasts for 1min.

(2) Can use Teleportation Machine once.

Choose where to deploy the Teleportation Machine that lasts for 1 min. The club mates will be able to teleport to this teleportation machine directly from the base.

Base Resources

At the base, there are the following resources.

(1) Chopper / Helicopter

There is a helipad behind the base. the chopper comes every 1 minute, and can take up to 5 players. The chopper will fly a fixed route into the enemy base. So, you can choose when you want to get off. This is very useful to get behind enemy lines, to get to the Mining Stations that are further away.

(2) Mobile Alchemy Cannon.

These are basically trucks with a cannon on top. They are located at the back of the base. You can operate it to help out on the battlefield. 2 members are required to operate the vehicle, and the pair are only allowed to operate it for 5 minutes. After that, new members have to take over.

(3) Defence Cannons at the base. These do not have much range, and are only good for defending if enemies are near the base.

Whichever club reaches 10,000 points first wins. Or, whichever club has more points at the end of the event wins.

If less than 50 people participate in the war in total, there will only be 2 mining machines, and not 4.


From the main menu, click on ''Club''. Then click on ''Auction'' at the top row menu. Here you can see the schedule for when the Club Auction will occur. It occurs after every Club Contest or Defend Boss event. You can bid for items in the Club Auction using coupons.

Items that are not sold in the Club Auction will move on to the World Auction.

You can go to the World Auction from the main screen, click on ''Mall'' at the top, then ''Auction'' at the bottom right of the screen..


If you click on Club from the main menu, the Club main mage will have 5 Tabs on the right. Click on the "Bonus" tab, then the "Donation" tab. Here you can donate to your club at least 3 times each day.

Donating to the club is important because it gives you '''Payback''. You will need ''Payback'' to purchase things from the Guild Store, or, to upgrade SIGILS.


Pay attention to the yellow announcement on the main screen while you are playing. You can also check the system chat by pressing on the chat box at the bottom left, expanding it, and going to the system tab. The message will look like this:

"Pet Lovers League event will begin soon. Visit Robot Feeders at the Club Base to obtain food and share with our hungry little friends!"

You will not be able to do this alone. You have to create a Team, and invite club mates.

To to the Club Grounds. You can do so from the main menu  Club --> Today's Events --> Power of Club and go to the Auto Feeding Machine <Pet Lovers League> robots at 54,59. Talk to it and you will be given a quest.

The quest has 2 parts.

Part 1 - follow the quest to kill some rogue robots. You only need to kill 1 robot to get the food.

Part 2 - After killing 1 robot, the quest will update to ask you to feed the food to a pet. The pet will be running around the fountain area with a "?"on its head. Feed it to complete 1 cycle.

Then, you can Repeat the above 6 times to collect all the rewards. 


Pay attention to the yellow announcement on the main screen while you are playing. You can also check the system chat by pressing on the chat box at the bottom left, expanding it, and going to the system tab. The message will look like this:

''A chest containing a cute pet has been supply dropped to the fountain near the Club Base. There's one for everyone! (Disappears after 5 minutes - act quickly!)

Head over to the Club Grounds. You can do so from the main menu  Club --> Today's Events --> Power of Club. It will take you there.

Then, run to the fountain area to see the chests.

You can collect rewards from each chest. Do take note, that sometimes, the old chests will disappear and be replaced by new ones. So when yuo check by again, you will be able to claim more rewards from the new chests.


Pay attention to the yellow announcement on the main screen while you are playing. You can also check the system chat by pressing on the chat box at the bottom left, expanding it, and going to the system tab. The message will look like this:

''Ä Lucky Bunny is visiting your Club Base. Perhaps some good thing is gonna happen?"

Go to the Club Grounds. You can do so from the main menu  Club --> Today's Events --> Power of Club.

Go to 55,70 and talk to the giant bunny. Not everyone can trigger this quest. The Giant bunny will give Hints. For example, it may only want to choose a girl. If so, you will need a female character to interact with it. 

When the requirements are met, the Lucky Bunny will turn into a giant rubber duck chest and everyone can collect a reward.


Around the Cassell College basketball courts you will see the walking vending machine. You can talk with it 3 times a day. If you get lucky, you will get an item called ''Urgent Letter''. Go to the Club Grounds. You can go there by  Club --> Power of Club. Then run to 69,105 to talk to the Club Butler to give her the letter. You can get Payback and EX Potions in return.