There are so many things to do in Dragon Raja SEA. Worried that you may forget something and miss out? Don't worry, follow this guide and don't miss a thing!


Check on  your Heirs! (if you are still cultivating them)

Every 4 hours, or whenever they need attention.

Chizuru Moon Realm

Look out for this event throughout the day!

Look out for World Boss timings and attend the one that is more relevant to your level.

11:30 - Level 105 World Boss - Heavy Industry. Level 90 World Boss - Ehime Prefecture. Level 60 World Boss - Cassell College

13:05 - Level 100 World boss - Tokyo. Level 85 World Boss - Well of Bones

14:30 - Level 95 World Boss - Highway 95, Level 105 World Boss - Fun Fair

14:40 - Level 80 World Boss - Fun Fair

15:30 - Level 105 World Boss - Heavy Industry. Level 90 World Boss - Ehime Prefecture. Level 60 World Boss - Cassell College

16:05 - Level 100 World boss - Tokyo. Level 85 World Boss - Well of Bones

19:05 - Level 100 World boss - Tokyo. Level 85 World Boss - Well of Bones

19:30 - Level 105 World Boss - Heavy Industry. Level 90 World Boss - Ehime Prefecture. Level 60 World Boss - Cassell College

22:30 - Level 95 World Boss - Highway 95, Level 105 World Boss - Fun Fair

22:40 - Level 80 World Boss - Fun Fair

23:05 - Level 100 World boss - Tokyo. Level 85 World Boss - Well of Bones

23:30 - Level 105 World Boss - Heavy Industry. Level 90 World Boss - Ehime Prefecture. Level 60 World Boss - Cassell College

Club Events

(1) Go to the Club menu and check for Club Events schedule for the day. Make sure not to miss out on the Hacker Group quest once a week.

(2) Donate to your club! you can donate at least 3 times a day.

(3) Check by the Club Store to see if you can buy anything using PayBack.

(4) Donate Power of Club coins to get EXP and Payback

(5) Remember to look out for the Pet Lovers League, Free Chest at Club Grounds, and Lucky Bunny events at the Club Grounds




The most important tab. 

(1) Check on all the tabs for the Events tab through out the day, taking note of the events that will be available during the day and the timings that they will occur, so that you know when to come back. The Time-Limited quests may only have small windows to be completed, some as short as 20 minutes. so take note of the timings to not miss any events.

(2) If you are powerful enough, you can also carry other players in dungeons to get assist points.

(3) some events can be done extra times not specified in the Events tab. talk to the NPCs to see how many extra times you can do it, some may require purchase of items using diamonds. For example, Dragonhunting, Undersea Massacre and Devil Awake can be done extra times. So check out the NPCs of each event to take a look.



Open Shop Careeer

Visit 5 friends shops daily to use coupons.

Do this as early as possible. If you do it too late at night, everyone's shops would already have closed and you would not be able to visit anyone's shop.

If you are a Shop Partner, remember to check in daily for the rewards.

Home System

Decorate your home.

Clean your home.

Repair damaged furniture.

Take part in Cleanliness Rating once a day and get rewarded.

Check the Soulmate Oath Trees to maintain them.

Visit Friends'' homes, give them gifts or like their homes once a day.

Visit Friend's Gardens to steal from their gardens or maintain their gardens.



Click on your Profile (top left).

(1) Make sure you have used up all the VIT. You can use them to exchange for Grimoires or Gold. 

(2) Check the Points section. Make sure you spend the points in all the various shops if you have excess points.

(3) Check the UP section to work on areas that you are lacking in.

Main Story Quest

Make sure to complete main story quests if there are.

Ally Draws

Daily Ally Recruit draws.

Ally Gifts

Give Allies gifts.

You can only gift 10 gifts a day to allies.


Check on Motor Upgrades or new craftable Motors


Check if you have any new skills or talents to equip


Feed, Evolve pets.

Daily Pet Breeding.

Upgrade Pet Array and Starize if possible.

Upgrade Pet House.


Check and equip new wardrobe items


Upgrade core if possible


Check for new Draconics if you have and make sure the right ones are equipped.

Career (Superstar)

(1) Outfit - change outfit 8 times.

(2) Goods section - Hypermarket. Craft 1 item that can be used or sold for diamonds.

(3) Goods section - Gift. Craft items to use or give as gifts.

(4) make sure you use up the VIT on developing the various areas.

Make sure to do the 8 x Outfit change first, before using up the remaining VIT on the other career paths. If you use up all your VIT first, you will not be able to do the 8 x Outfit change because it requires VIT too.

For other careers, i can only provide later as i have not reached them yet.


(1) Flower Tickets - give and receive to and from friends

(2) Check that Mentorship quests are done if you are an Apprentice.

(3) Add more friends if you don't have enough friends so that you can get flower tickets easily.

(4) Check if Bonds and Soulmate levels can be leveled up.

(5) Look out for Bond Parties!

(6) Look after the Oath Tree


Check your inventory. Use up items that can be used to make space in the inventory. Some items can lead to quests, some can be sold for diamonds.

PVP Events.

Everyday, you can do Battlefield PVP events Day of Liberty or Snowmoon BG. You can do it up to 5 times and get experience for them. So remember to do it 5 times.

Dragon Luring

Use up Sage's Stone for the day, up to 6 per day.

Level up  Heirs

Tale Quests

Bronze Tale Quests

Silver Tale Quests

Gold Tale Quests.


If you have nothing else to do, go to the training grounds.


Look for the ECO Friendly Bronze Tale Quest dog once a week to feed it dog food to get Healing Personality Points.


According to our Basketball guide, it doesn't just end with shooting 10 hoops. There is the 100 hoop challenge, and more. So continue to shoot hoops daily! 

You can also get rewards for shooting 10 hoops once a week.

Wood of Words and Flower of Words

exchange with NPC for rewards. Or Gift to Friends or opposite Gender to exchange for what you need.

Gift these Grimoires to friends who are not your class. Or, go to the Grimoires NPC to exchange the grimoires for rewards.

Bronze Tale Quests to Farm Personality Points

Extermination, Cleaning Job, Evil Nemesis and Fatality Bronze Tale Quests once a week.

Wishing Tree 

If its a Saturday or Sunday, don't forget to visit the wishing tree to wish for diamonds.