For the Events Schedule, Go into the Events section at the top of the main screen, then look at the top left. You will see:
(1) Calendar - to show you the events and timings for the week.
(2) Alarm Clock - you can use it to set notifications for the events.
Make sure to also check the ''Trial'' and ''Limited Time'' section each day to not miss any timed events.



This is a new permanent dungeon.

It is very similar to Dragonslayer. Simply kill the enemies level by level and get rewards.

The different is that for Deity's Test and Dragonslayer is that, for Deity's Test, you can have unlimited tries to clear the stages that you are unable to clear.


Dragon Raja See Dragonslayer Guide. Slay Dragons! Face a more difficult dragon after slaying each dragon. Progress as far as you can.
There are 3 difficulty modes, "Normal", ''Hard" and Challenge". There are 9 Dragons to slay for each mode.
Start from the first Dragon and slay as many as you can, until you slay all the dragons, or reach a Dragon that you are unable to kill.
When you reach a dragon that you are unable to slay, take note of why you failed.
(1) the timer ran out and the dragon was not defeated. This means, you lack DPS. Not much we can do about that. Work on our characters and try to do better each day!
(2) the dragon killed you. If this happens, try switching to TankPvE build to see if you can tank it out and continue to kill more dragons.
If the dragon kills you even with TankPvE build, then we will need to work on the characters and try again to do better each day.
You can attempt Dragon Slayer 2 times each day. After the first round, you can continue where you left off for the 2nd round. So you can do the first round with PvEDPS build,  and the 2nd round with TankPvE build. If you want to attempt it more times, you can also Purchase up to 5 more times using coupons.

As you progress up the ranks, you will come across more challenging stages that you won't be able to progress by pure Auto mode.

Half Dragon Warrior & Half Dragon Mage.

There will be 2 Dragon bosses. One of them is Ranged, and the other is Melee. If you kill them 1 by 1, you will not have enough time to finish the stage in time. So, you have to kill them together. Run to the Ranged Half Dragon Mage who will be stationary. the Half Dragon Warrior will follow you, so you can then kill them together.

Frost Spider and Spider Eggs

You will come across the Frost Spider Boss. But while killing it, you will realise that there are 2 spider eggs that keep spawning spider babies to kill you. After some time, there will be so many spider babies that you will die. So, we need to destroy both spider eggs first. Then, focus on killing the Frost Spider peacefully.

Frog with Shield.

The frog will cast its shield barrier when its life is low. You will have to move very far away from the shield barrier in order to lure it out of the barrier. If you only move slightly away, it will not move, and use its tongue to try to pull you in. So you will need to move really far away to trigger it to move out of the barrier, before killing it again.

Fier Demon with Tornados.

The dragons will cast fire/ice tornados that will move about the map. If the tornados hit you, they will flip you and you will not be able to recover for a period of time. The best solution if i have found so far, is not to run away from the tornados, but to continue hitting the boss until the tornadoes come near to you, then "evade" forward so that you go to the back of the dragon and continue hitting it again. It should be enough to evade the tornadoes. If the tornadoes come back, then do the same thing again to "evade"to the back of the dragon again.

Lv. 121 Flame Command - Grade Master Normal F

This guy will have 4 fire tornadoes come out midway. The tornadoes have a certain behaviour. They will not go straight to you, but, rather, they will follow the path that you travel. Therefore, when they appear, wait for the 4 tornados to come to you. Then, dash to the furthest end of the map, and dash back to kill the monster. The Tornados will be forced to follow your path, while u can hit the monster. By the time the tornadoes come back to you, it should be about the time that they would disappear.

Lv. 124 Druid Ironwood - Grade Master Normal C

This guy will cast a healing dome around it. You will have to run far away to lure him out of the healing dome then start killing him again.


You can send your Ally on Bounty quests for a few hours at a time. Focus on the Purple/Gold bounty quests for better rewards. You can only refresh the Bounty quests for 3 times a day for Free, and you can complete up to 12 Bounty Quests a day. To increase the chances of getting purple/gold quests, wait until 3 of the 4 quest slots are not purple/gold, then use the Refresh. This should give you at least 12 x purple/gold quests a day. If you wait for all 4 slots to be not purple/gold before you refresh, you may run out of time for the day.
There is also a chance to get a Red quest. but it is so rare. So if it happens, treat it as a bonus.


Dragon Raja Sea Devil Awake event. Team up to kill some monsters.

Form a party and be teleported to a map to kill monsters and get rewards.

At the end of the dungeon, the rubber ducky will give you some rewards.

Do note that even though the Events tab tells you that you can only do 2/2 runs, but you can actually do this dungeon up to 10 times. 

The Rubber duck will only give you a prize for 2 runs. But, you can still get other dungeon rewards like EX Potions, D-Cypher Runes and Gold for up to 10 dungeon runs.

However, you will not be able to access the NPC via the Events Menu after 2 times. So, you will need to go to the Devil Awake NPC manually. He is located at 269,298 Cassell College.


Dragon Raja Sea Dragon Hunting event. Team up to kill monsters for Rewards.

Form a team and go hunt some dragons. Each stage has up to 8 dragons. Enjoy the rewards!

You can enter Dragon Hunts beyond the 5/5 daily limits mentioned, and also kill more than the 24/24 limit mentioned in the events tab. Talk to the Dragon Hunt NPC and click on "Times Enquiry". It will show you how many more times you can do dragon hunt for Special Rewards and for normal rewards. Special rewards mean doing the dragon hunt with Dragon Hunt Points.

You can see the number of Dragon Points that you have while killing dragons, it is displayed just above the "Leave" button at the bottom of the screen. Killing each dragon uses up one point. Killing with dragon hunt  points give you extra rewards for killing a dragon, such as Wyrm Hunter Chests, EX potions, Ally Level Up potions, and more. 

Check with the NPC the Times Enquiry that you can do Special Rewards Hunts, then do it until it becomes 0. If you run out of dragon points, you can purchase "Mark of Dragon Hunt" from the shop. Just click on the "+"  sign next to the dragon points during the Dragon Hunt.

Check by the NPC regularly to see your Times enquiry. When the Times Enquiry counter for special rewards is 0, switch off your dragon points. This is because if you do not switch it off and continue to do dragon hunts, the dragon points will keep being deducted, and the rewards will be severely reduced. The points will be wasted. So you will need to switch off the dragon points. You can do so by clicking on the Events tab at the top, and on the top right hand corner there is the "Pts" section where you can turn off the dragon points. Then, you can continue doing the dragon hunt for the normal reward until the normal rewards Times Enquiry count is 0.

Each day, you should be able to do 48 Special Rewards hunts and 24  Normal Rewards hunts, killing 72 dragons. This means, you can do Dragonhunter 9 times each day, to kill 72 dragons to get the optimized rewards.

Mini Obstacles

Sometimes, you can encounter mini games at the start of the Dragon Hunt.

(1) Explore the D-Cypher Stones.

You will see 9 stones infront of you. All of them are orange in colour at first. How it works is, if you tap on one stone, all the stones that surround it will change from Orange to Green, or Green to Orange. The goal is to tap the right stones, so that all 9 stones become Green. To solve this puzzle, activate the stones in the following order:

- Bottom right

- Bottom Left

- Center Middle

- Top Right

- Top Left

(2) Investigate the Wheel of Fortune. 

Press on the turning parts of the wheel to stop them at the right time to form the complete picture.

(3) Elemental Guard.

While killing the dragons, you may see a Monster standing next to a Pink Crystal at around 37,21. When you fight it, you will be unable to kill it. You can check the System Chat via tapping on the bottom left chat box --> System.

You will see a message like ''Pay attention to the lightning absorbing device naerby. You can take out the Elemental Guards quickly using the lightning damage''

Go to 46,25 of the map, and you will see a pole emitting electricity. You have to lure the Elemental Guard to this electric pole and you will be able to kill it easily.


Dragon Raja Sea Irritated Blood event. Form a team of 5 and go kill some monsters!

A pretty straight forward event. Form up in teams of 5 and enter the map to kill monsters. The event can be completed up to 5 times during the event duration. Enjoy the rewards!


Dragon Raja Sea Fast and Furious tips. You race your car against other cars for one round around the circuit.
Choose the car called "Guide". This car has the highest Turning potential, and its other stats are decent. With "Guide", you will be able to make all the turns on the circuit without drifting. This gives you 100% control over the car during the whole race.
With "Guide", you also don't need to worry about turning angles. You can be on any lane, and still make the turn successfully no matter how sharp the turn is.
During the race, there are 5 buttons that you can press.
(1) turn Left
(2) turn Right
(3) Break
(4) Drift
(5) Boost.
The Acceleration is Automatic. So you do not need to press anything to move the car. 
Everytime you make a turn and press the "Drift" button, the "Boost" button will activate.
With "Guide", you can ignore the Break button. Because it can make all the turns without slowing down, no matter how sharp the turn angle is.
With this knowledge, Here is a formula for how to finish tops:

When you start the race:
(1)  just go STRAIGHT to accelerate the fastest. The first turn is Key. Avoid slamming into any cars as much as possible!
(2) When turning, press the "Drift" button at the same time. Hold it down just enough to make the turn. After a few races, you will get a feel of it. Hold the "Drift" button down longer for sharper turns, and lesser for not so sharp turns.
(3) When you make a turn with the "Drift" button, the "Boost" button will get activated.
(4) Press the Boost button immediately after the turn. This should propel you ahead of all the other cars.
(5) steps (1) - (4) will complete before the next turn.
(5) Repeat steps (1)-(4) for all the other turns until the race is finished.
It you get ahead of the other cars from the first Turn, it is easy to stay ahead of them for the whole race with the above method. If you do it right, you should be able to finish the race below 50 seconds consistently.


Mario Cart version of Fast and Furious

In this race, you will race:

(1) the same circuit as Fast and Furious, but 2 laps

(2) against other real players

You will also have buffs that you can use on yourself like boost and immunity, or debuffs that you can cast on other players like slow, blind, etc. You will pick these up along the race.

This event only occurs on weekends.

Video by Xinlyfenne youtube channel. https://youtu.be/l2WaGYu1_Gc


Dragon Raja Sea Yakuza Peak event. Form a team of 5, get teleported to various maps and race to see which team can kill 60 monsters first.
Forming a team of 5, get teleported to a map where you can defeat 6 monsters. Repeat this step in another map for as many times as possible. This is a ranked event, Titles can be won. The fastest teams to Defeats 60 monsters first will be rewarded. You will be able to check your ranking during the event by clicking on the ''Pinnacle Ranking'' icon on the main screen. There will also be a 40 minutes time limit. 
However, the main reason why you should kill the enemies as fast as possible is not really to get the ranking, but because the bosses in this event can drop a lot of equipment! It is a good chance to get as many equipment as possible and Trans over the better stats to your equipment.


Dragon Raja Sea Tick Tock Anxiety event. Run errands, travel the world and earn some rewardsDragon Raja Sea Tick Tock Anxiety event. Run errands, travel the world and earn some rewards.
Follow the Quest indicator and run errands for others. It could be killing a monster, or getting an item. If you need an item, there will be an option to purchase it. Purchasing it will be the better choice. You can complete up to 100 errands a week.


Dragon Raja Sea Ace Trip event. 8 mini quests each day

Follow the quest indicator and complete 8 mini quests each day.


Dragon Raja Sea Crazy Adventure event. Daily Dice Board Game.
Spin the dice and travel around the Board. Depending on where you land, you may get a reward, or be given a task. Complete the task to get a reward. You can spin the dice 10 times a day.

During this quest, you may encounter some Quizzes.
- Guess which of us is the real EVA? - Both are fake!

- ''i'm broke, too!'' or ''Alright, here's 100 gold''. - choose to give 100 gold.

- Choose between ''What are you thinking? Definitely Sushi in Japan!"or "Curry, of course. Curry goes well with anything!". Both answers rae ok.


Raid bosses with your team at the bottom of the ocean
Form a team of 5 and be teleported to an underwater dungeon to raid some bosses. You can kill up to 5 bosses for for 1 dungeon run.

At the end of the dungeon, the rubber ducky will give you a rewards.

Take note that although the Event tells you that you can only do 1 dungeon run, i.e. 5/5, but you can actually do one more extra dungeon run and still get rewards. You can actually do this dungeon up to 10 times. 

The Rubber duck will only give you a prize for 2 runs. But, you can still get other dungeon rewards like EX Potions, D-Cypher Runes and Gold for up to 10 dungeon runs.

However, you will not be able to access the NPC via the Events Menu after 2 times. So, you will need to go to the Undersea Massacre NPC manually. It is located at Cassell College 258,277


Kill monsters with the 4 elements in mind

For this event, you will go around as a party to kill monsters. But this time, the elements matter.

​Earth beats Water

Water beats Fire

Fire beats Wind

Wind beats Earth

​So if you are a BladeMaster, then your character is Fire based. So we would want to fight Wind monsters, and avoid Water Monsters. Apply this ame concept to other classes and their elements.

​So the 1st thing to do, would be to find monsters that are weak against your element. 

​The 2nd thing to do, is to go around collecting crystals. You will see crystals of the 4 elements around. So if you are a BladeMaster, you should collect the Fire crystals. it will give your Fire Element+1 multiplier, and give your Water element -1 Multiplier. but it wouldnt matter to you since you would want to avoid Water monsters anyway.

​Now the tricky thing is, the above sounds simple if you do it alone and you are the only Fire element. But if you are in a party with different characters, then everyone will have a different element. So it would be better to form teams from the same or non conflicting elements for the best advantage.

Lastly, to get around fast and kill enough monsters before the time limit ends, you can use the Dash skill to fly around quickly.


Form a team of 3 and be teleported to mystery pumpkin land to kill some pumpkins.

At the end of the dungeon, the rubber ducky will give you a rewards.

Take note that although the Event tells you that you can only do 1 dungeon run but you can actually do one more extra dungeon run and still get rewards. You can actually do this dungeon up to 10 times. 

The Rubber duck will only give you a prize for 2 runs. But, you can still get other dungeon rewards like EX Potions, D-Cypher Runes and Gold for up to 10 dungeon runs.

However, you will not be able to access the NPC via the Events Menu after 2 times. So, you will need to go to the Midnight Pumpkin NPC manually. She is located at Cassell College 244,276

So make sure to eat some food before the event to get rid of the Ravenous buff.


Head over to the Cassell College Basketball Courts. At the Cassell College World Map, the basketball court will be at the bottom right hand corner. 

(1) You will need to complete the No. 7 Pitcher Bronze Tale Quest.

(2) You can also complete the Basketball Team Silver Tale Quest.

(3) You can then come back to complete the 100-shot Challenge. For this, you just need to have shot 100 shots into the hoop accumulatively.

(4) Once you have completed the above, time will no longer be a limit for practicing basketball. You can even come in the night. 

You can still shoot hoops to get prizes each day. 

(5) I believe the last Tale will be the King of Rebounds Bronze Tale when you reach 300 baskets.

If you continue to complete 10 Basketball shots in a row once a week, you can also farm personality points. The ones that i have been able to farm are:

- Curious Baby +1


wish for diamonds!

Click on ''Bonus'' at the top of the main screen, then scroll down and click on ''Wishing''. Here, you can wish 3 times each day on Saturdays and Sundays, and win diamods as rewards.


Look out for the announcement that flashes across your screen. Or you can check the System Chat. The message will look something like this "Ladies and Gentlemen, the gate to Club 95 has appeared on Route 95, and the opening bell has been ringing. The gate will close in 10 minutes. I bid you welcome to our club!"

Head over to Highway 95 on the world map and go to 754,764. You will see the gate with a bouncer.

Go up to the bouncer and open up your Chat at the bottom right. Go to the "Current" tab, and type the password there. "Janus leads my way". If you want to know how we know the password, it is from the Mysterious Place Bronze Tale Quest.

After typing int he password, talk to the bouncer and the choice to Enter the Club should appear.

Here are the things that you can do inside the club:

(1) Midnight Racing - 43,86.

This is just doing Ace of Speed with your friends.

(2) Arcade Games - 33,81

You can get matched with a random mini game to play against other opponents.

(3) Dance challenge - 41,44

Dance with a friend to sync your moves.

If you have Block Booked the club, you can appoint your friends to become "Attendants". Your friends will them be able to take part in Club 95 as an attendant to serve guests with drinks. The Attendant will get gifts in return like Rainbow Crystal (once per week) and magical candies (twice per week); while the guests who received the drinks can also get some magical candies as rewards (once per week).

Ally Chess

Take the chessboard as your battlefield and start the game with your allies. Let’s play a strategy game of wit and courage! Compete with other 7 players and win the final victory. 
Ally chess is available every Mon/Fri 20:00-23:30 and Sat/Sun 11:00-23:30. All players with character level lv.70 and above can join the event through Event interface.