Set Equipment

Unlocked at Level 80. From the main menu, go to "Gear" --> "Set".

You can equip the Sets that you find. The sets are not bound by equipment. They work similar to Draconics. If you find a equipment with a set, you can extract the set from the equipment. You can then use it for other equipment. To extract it, go to the equipment and choose "Suit" to extract it.

For now, we find that the sets are divided into the following:

Personally, we find the DPS sets more useful. For the moment, we recommend the DPS Sets for all classes.


Wolf's Scheme

Faerie's String


Troll's Bloodline

Reviving Ouroboros


Unlocked at Level 80. From the main menu, go to "Gear" --> "Merge".

Here, you can choose between Dragonslayer (PVE) build and Warmonger (PVP) build.

You can refine each build using "Devices". Having more devices will give you Talent Points that you can use for Deep Talents that also unlock at Level 80.

Where can we find these Devices? You will need to get "PVE Emblems". There are the following emblems:

PVE Emblem I - earned from performing level 80 activities, as well as killing the level 80 and 85 world bosses. You can 'use' the PVE Emblem I to visit the PVE Emblem I shop to purchase Dragonslayer (PVE) Devices.


Unlocked at Level 80. From the main menu, go to "Gear" --> "Merge".

Here, you can fuse up to 8 Purple Draconics and 6 Orange Draconics in order to get new equipment and Draconics. The higher the number of Draconics fused, the higher the chance of success of getting rarer Draconics. The lower the number of Draconics fused, the higher the chance that the material draconics will be lost. Therefore, its better to be patient and stock up on Draconics to fuse only when you have 8 Purple or 6 Orange Draconics.


Some equipment that you come across may have Draconic stats. So remember to check all equipment for these before dismantling them. If you come across an equipment with Draconic stats, remember to "remove" the Draconic stat from the equipment before dismantling it.

Then, go to the Menu at the bottom right of the main screen and click on "Gear". You will be able to find and activate the Draconic stat here.


You can Enhance your Gear using Eternal Flames and Flames of Underworld. As the Gera Enhancement gets higher, there will be a chance of failure. If the gear enhancement fails, the level of the gear may drop. To prevent this, you will need Stabilized Shards or Stabilized Crystals 

As the Gear Enhance level increases, the chances of success will decreases dramatically. By the time you reach Wings T1 Purple, there will only be a 45% chance of success. This means, that there will be a higher chance of failure compared to success. If you are someone who spends money in the game, you may therefore want to consider whether it will be worth it to purchase enhancement related items like Eternal Flames or Flames of Underworld, because you could end up wasting a lot of money.

Updated 5 Aug 2020

Currently, for Gear Enhancemnt, there are 4 equipments each in Weapon and Suit modes to be upgraded. Now, there will be 5 each.

Updated 9 Sep 2020

Increased the Enhancement limit to Dragon Soul tier 8;