Keep a look out at the System chat box. Press on your chat box at the bottom left corner, open it up and go to the System chat tab. Keep a look out here and you may come across this message ''Tip: A strong space vibration appears in the area...''. This means that a rift has appeared somewhere on the map that you are on.
Go to your inventory, you may already have a ''Dusty Mysterious Gem''. If you don't its okay. If you do, you will be able to see that Nibulungen Rifts can appear on maps like Chizuru Coast, Paradisio Outskirts and Siberia.
Based on other guides that i see, there seems to be prefixed locations for the rifts to appear on the maps. However, there are few conditions:
(1) the locations on them map keep changing
(2) if someone is in the rift, you will not be able to see it
(3) a few rifts can appear at the same time
What i feel is, its too troublesome to run around to each co-ordinate to check 1 by 1. Simply activate Dash and Fly around the map. You will need to cure the Ravenous buff in order to fly. As you fly around the map you cover it very fast and you can land anytime you see a rift.If not, keep flying to cover ground as fast as possible.
When you get into the Rift, there will be some mini games. I have only experienced 1 mini game so far.
Cube and Lightning
In this game, you are in the library. Lightning will be striking the ground randomly, so you have to move around to escape damage. At the same time, blue cubes will appear. Run into the blue cubes and they will shatter. If you get lucky, you can get 100 Dusty Mystery Gem.

Keep evading the lightning and running to the blue cubes, i think i went into 5 - 6 blue cubes in total. Some cubes i got nothing, but some cubes i managed to get 100 Dusty Mystery Gems. In total, when i got kicked out, i had 200 Dusty Mystery Gems.
After that, you can also see in the system chat that you will not be enter rift for 1 week.
You can combine 600 Dustry Mystery Gems, also known as Rift Fragments, to get 1 Rift Key that you can then use to get rewards.
Below is a list of places that i have encountered the rifts.

Rubber Ducks and Bats

You will be able to open rubber duck chests and kill bats to get Rift Fragments. Then you will be teleported out.

Mysterious Girl

There will be a Mysterious Girl in a blue cube. Talk with her and then kill some enemies to get Rift Fragments.

Roll the Dice

You will come across a circular platform with a crystal on it. Activate the crystal to trigger the NPC "Anonymous'' to appear. Basically, you can spin a dice 5 times. If you win, you get a rubber duck chest. If you lose, nothing happens. After 3 spins, you may choose to take your winnings and leave. If you choose to spin the 4th and 5th times, you will lose all your winnings if you lose.

9 stones

Change them from red to green. This is the same puzzle as the one from Dragon Hunting. you may follow that solution.

Killing Enemies

Just run around killing bats and enemies and collect rift fragment loot.

Rift Locations

Icy Lair - 211,139.

Icy Lair - 214,126

Icy Lair - 220,138,

Icy Lair - 173,114

Hydras 352,140

Siberia Harbour 325,321

Chizuru 112,195

Cassell College - 220,295



Whenver you die, you will be given a choice to Revive at a respawn point immediately, or wait for the timer to count down before reviving automatically. If you revive immediately, your HP will be very low, and you have to find a peaceful area to slowly recover HP, this will also use up the Stored HP that you have. Sometimes, you may not be able to find a peaceful place to recover HP, and thus you may easily die again because your life is already so low. The solution is not to revive immediately, but must wait for the timer to count down and then revive automatically. You will revive with your life full or almost full.



ever wondered how you can save location coordinates so that you can go back to the location easily?

Go to '''Friends'' at the bottom right of the main screen. Find the chat where you want to share the location to. Next to the text box where you type your chat messge, you will see the Emoticon icon. Press on it to open up the Emoticon menu. Look to the left side of the Emoticon Menu, and scroll all the way down. You will see the ''Location'' icon at the bottom left. Press on it to save and share the location in the chat.


You will see this notice appear if you have played a lot for the day.

But not to worry, you can still raise your exp in other ways.

(1) finish up all the events for the day. Quests / Events / Activities can still give exp. To be sure, just do them all.

(2) when you have finished everything, you can AFK at the Training Center.


Dragon Raja Sea Quest UI. Top right hand corner of the screen, you will see the "Q" symbol. To the left of it, are summarized versions of the quests that you need to do. In order to see the full versions of the quest, you can press on the "Q" symbol to enter the Quest page. Inside, you can see the following tabs:


This is the main quest list with details.


A list of side quests that you can uncover. There are many detailed guides out there that you can find.


Here you can revisit the Story of Dragon Raja SEA and rewatch all the cutscenes from the beginning.


Dragon Raja Sea Team UI. A Team is the game's name for a Party. On the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the "T" symbol that is below the "Q" symbol.


The most useful feature will be the "Match" button. After clicking on Match, you will be taken to the Match screen. Here, you can see the possible events on the left column. Choose an event that you want to take part in, and you can:

(1) press on "Auto" to be automatically matched to a party for that event. I personally use this most.

(2) "Refresh" the list so you can view possible parties that you can apply for to join.

(3) "Create" your own party for a particular event,, then click on "Auto" to allow others to join the party.

Appoint Team Leader

If you are the current eam leader, and you wish to pass the team leader role to someone else, you can do so by clicking on the "T" button at teh top right of the main screen to enter the Team menu. There, you will see all of your team members. Press on the member that you want to give the leadership to, and you will see the "äppoint yeam leader" choice.

Team Leader Stable Status
When you are the Team Leader, do not begin doing events immediately. First, make sure that your team has no people joining or leaving for 5+ minutes. When this happens, you will get a notice that the team has entered Stable Status. Begin doing quests only when the team is in Stable Status. This will give you Leader Supply rewards as the team leader.


Dragon Raja Sea Chats UI. Bottom left hand corner of the mains screen, press on an empty area of the Chat Box to open up the main chat.

Here you can see the list of chats. I usually pay more attention to the Club or Team chats.

At the bottom left hand corner of the main chat, there is the "settings" symbol. There you can choose which chats you wish to filter out. For example, i do almost everything with my Guild. So I filtered out the World chat as there are too many distractions there.

Team Voice Chat

At the bottom left corner of the main screen you will see the chat box. Click on an empty area of the chat box to open the chat screen. Then, click on Team chat. At the team chat, look at the bottom of the chat box. You will see the tiny words "Tap to join the team voice chat". Tapping on that will create a voice chat with your team.

If you find that you cannot create the voice chat because your Mic cannot be turned on, go to your phone settings. You may have prevented the game from accessing your mic. So you will need to give the app permission for this.

Chat Bubble

At the top left of the chat box, there will be an icon of a chat bubble. Press on it and you will enter the Chat Configuration. Here, you can equip new chat Bubbles, chat backgrounds, and text fonts. You can purchase chat bubbles from several places, including the Bubble Exchange.


Dragon Raja Sea Mall UI. At the top of the main screen, there is a "Mall" sign. Inside the "Mall", there are the following tabs:


Here, you can sell items at the Crystal store for Crystals! Sometimes, you may find items that can be sold. Click on the bottom left "Depot" to check if you have items that you can sell for cystals. Or, click on the bottom left "Return to Store" to check the items that you are currently selling at the Store.

As items are sold, you will gain Store EXP. you can check it out at the bottom left, just above the "Depot" button. When Store EXP is full, you can upgrade the store level. You can get benefits like reduced rent, or increased quantity, etc.


a place to grind when you are free

On the top left hand corner of the main screen, you will see the word "Train". It will be next to the word "Peace". Press on "Train" to be brought to the training grounds. You can only train at the training ground within your level range.

At the training ground, you can just leave your character there AFK to grind when you have nothing to do. You can gain exp points and also useful items.

My recommendation is to leave the training ground as the last resort. Only grind here if you have completed every single activity in the game for that day. Main quests, Career, etc. When you really have nothing to do, then grind the character in the Training Center. If you are a hardcore player, you can leave your character to grind overnight here every night.

Personally, i do not go to this extent of AFK-ing overnight. I just sleep at my phone sleeps too.



Open the world map on the top right corner of the main screen, and go to Cassell College. Then, look at the right column of the Cassell College map to see the ''Class Transfer'' NPC.

It will cost you Gold to do a Class Transfer. And every time you change to a different Class, it will cost more and more Gold. Then good thing? you only need to pay this Gold once for each Class. After you ahve unlocked all 4 classes, you can change between them for free, with only the 24 hour cooldown in between.

What i like about the Class Transfer here is that you don't need to worry about your equipment stat. When you change a class, all the equipment stats will be automatically changed to suit what is best for the new class. This is really awesome.


When you try to level up SIGILS, you may get the note that you need to reach a certain number of Historical Contribution Points

Historical Contribution points are basically Club Contribution points. Just donate to the club every day and take part in club events to chalk up these points.



You will find these in your inventory.

If you are a male character, you will get Wood of Words. If you are a female character, you will get Flower of Words. If you ''use'' them, you will be taken to an NPC. The thing is, you can only exchange them for rewards if you have BOTH Wood of Words and Flower of Words. So, the trick is, to have extras of the one that you have. Then, Gift the extra one to a character of the opposite gender, and ask that character to gift to you the one that he/she has. That way, its an exchange so that you can get the one of the opposite gender. Once you have Both Flower of Words and Wood of Words, you will be able to exchange them with the NPC for rewards.
You can only make this exchange 3 times a week, starting from Mondays.



You will find it in your inventory.

theres nothing much to this card. You can find Nono's number on it. Go to Cassell College and find a telephone booth. Go inside it and select ''dial freely''. 0017730101098. And Nono will answer. i still don't know wht else to do with this card. lol.



Sometimes, you may find character getting stuck in some areas and you cannot move or jump out of that position. If you encounter this, don't worry. Go to the main menu Settings --> ''Get Unstuck'' at the bottom right. 


You will find it in your inventory.

theres nothing much to this card. You can find Nono's number on it. Go to Cassell College and find a telephone booth. Go inside it and select ''dial freely''. 0017730101098. And Nono will answer. i still don't know wht else to do with this card. lol.


Every day you will find Mirage Potions in your inventory for doing dailies. You can sell them for 10 Diamonds in the Store. I would recommend that you sell them. Its very easy to get experience, but this is a way to get 10 free diamonds daily.