The Dragon Raja SEA Gunslinger class is a pure ranged DPS class as you would expect. Kiting melee opponents and keeping a distance should be your forte. While Gunslingers have little defense, they make up for it by having arguably the highest DPS in the game, especially against PVE and Bosses.


If you click on the Profile picture on the top left hand corner, you will see the "General" Tab. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA Gunslinger, 2 stats are the most important. They will have "M" beside them.

(1) P.ATK

(2) Crit Lv

You will also see a "!" icon at the bottom right. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. They will have the "M" symbol beside them. For BladeMaster, focus on:

(1) CON

(2) STR

(3) DEX

And if you click on the "Advanced" Tab, you can see that "Wind ATK" is also important.

Therefore, Gunslinger builds should focus on these 6 main stats.


From the above section, we can conclude that the Dragon Raja Sea Gunslinger build should prioritise on:
(1) P.ATK
(2) Crit Lv
(3) Wind Attack
(4) CON
(5) STR
(6) DEX

Here are the details about the Core Gems.

​Fire/Red: STR = HP, PATK, AP

​Water/Blue: INS = HP, PATK, AP, CDR

​Wind/Green: DEX = HP, PATK, Crit, Multistrike

​Earth/Yellow: CON = HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit Res

The best Core Gems for Gunsinger are thus:

​(1) Earth/Yellow: CON

So that you won't die so easily.

​(2) Fire/Red: STR

Because PATK is a Main Strength.

​(3)Wind/Green: DEX

This will give a combination of P.ATK and Crit Lv

(4) Water/Blue: INS

This will give more PATK. I will explain why i have included INS as well later in the Core builds section.

For the gunslinger, all GEMS are useful depending on the Build.


There will only be 2 builds for the Gunslinger. For both builds, the main 2 Gems will be Fire and Wind. However, if you realise, while the Fire Gem is important for PATK, the Fire Gem also adds AP which is not a Core stat to the Gunslinger. Therefore, the Fire Gem will not be fully utilized by the Gunslinger. On the other hand, while the Wind Gem adds AP and Crit Lv which are Core stats, it also adds Multistrike which is not a Core Stat to the Gunslinger. Therefore, the Wind Gem will also not be fully utilized. Therefore instead of prioritizing one of Gem, we decided to go with Equal proportions of both Fire and Wind Gems.


This will be the Gunslinger DPS build for PVP.

7 Fire, 7 Wind, 2 Earth.

This will give Equal Proportions of PATK and Crit Lv.  And Earth will bring some base defense.


7 Fire, 7 Wind, 2 Water

Here, Defence is not a concern most of the time. So we can focus on dishing out damage as much as possible. Replace the Earth Gems with 2 Water Gems that can add further PATK.



For PVP, the main skills that will do damage will be

(1) Wind Shot - Cast it first to inflict Wind Mark on the enemy for 3 sec

(2) Pulse Bomb - Triggers Wind Blast when the enemy is inflicted by Wind Mark

These 2 skills also let you kite and shoot at the same time. Cycling them will be the key to DPS during PVP.

(3) Tesla Solenoid

(4) Heat Blast

These 2 skills have long cooldown time. You can cast them whenever you can. 

(5) Stealth Camouflage - always useful when you find yourself in a pickle. You can cast it strategically if you know your opponents skills well. Especially Assassins and BladeMasters. You can cast it before they dash at you, causing them to ''waste'' their skills.

(6) SPI Landmine. Casting this skill causes you to pause for awhile. Big consequences to pay if you are being targeted, especially during 1V1 PVP. But you can still cast it when the opponent is far away. If you kite the opponent a fixed route, you can kite the opponent back to the same location and it will detonate when the opponent comes by. 

Skills to use Carefully, better to use them only when you are not target by anyone:

(1) a-particle cannon

(2) Arbiter of Peace. Avoid using these 2 skills during 1V1 PVP. They make you stationary, or slow you, and you will make yourself become a

very easy target. You can however use them strategically during Battlefield PVP if the enemy is occupied with someone else and no one is targeting you.


For this mode, Auto Mode is best for maximum skill recycling efficiency. You can set combat settings to:

(1) Wind Shot

(2) Arbiter of Peace

(3) Tesla Solenoid

(4) SPI Landmine

(5) Heat Blast

(6) Stealth Camouflage

(7) a-particle cannon (Optional), if you are lazy can just put it at Auto to afk. If not, you can put it at Manual and cast only when energy is full at 100.



S Level - Focused Bombardment

A Level - Sneak Attack

B Level - Pulsing Wind

C Level - Charged Implosion

These talents will Buff all the skills that we talked about for the Gunslinger PVPDPS build above.


S Level - Gamma Chain. Defense is not an issue. We should use a-particle Cannon as much as possible.

A Level - Fragment Mine

B Level - Pulsing Wind - buffs recharge energy for a-particle cannon

C Level - Charging Core - When your energy gets full, you will get this buff, then you can cast a-particle cannon.

So the strategy would be, to keep your energy full when a-particle cannon is on cooldown. You can manually use Pulse bomb to use up some energy, and charge it to full again to activate the Charging Core buff. So you will constantly have the 20% damage buff. Then spam a-particle cannon when its ready. and Repeat this process.



From the main menu, go to "Skill" --> "Talent" --> "Deep Talent" at the bottom left.


- target weakness

- rapid fire

- mark-0 High Explosive

- Wind Barricade

- Chain explosion

- Aim Assist AT-X


- Sim-SPI Mine


- Aim Assist AT-X

- Heavy Firepower

- Zealot Modding

- Static Feedback

- Target Weakness

- rapid fire

- mark-0 High Explosive

In order to get more Deep Talent Points, we will need to upgrade the Nibelungen Refine.



(1) Hawkeye

(2) Vortex


(1) Thunder Clap

(2) Devil wind if you are in a party, or Hawkeye if you are alone.


All the Sigils are important for the various builds. With patience, you can slowly upgrade them. Perhaps INS can be the last priority. Because our builds revolve around STR, CON and DEX.
One way to get D-Cypher Runes to upgrade the Sigils easily is to buy them from the Club Store.


Stat Priorities
Prioritise all the Main stats that are Core to the Gunslinger class.
6 stats per equipment:
(1) STR (Main)
(2) CON (Main)
(3) DEX (Main)
(4) P.ATK (Main)
(5) Crit Lv (Main)
(6) Wind Atk (Main)
Don't try to go for tank or DPS ideas, just focus on getting the 6 main core stats. This is because, Equipment stats are not like Core Gems and Skills that we can change in and out easily. So for Equipment, its best to focus on the 6 Core stats as much as you can.
You can't sell gears in this game, you can only dismantle. So Before you dismantle unused gears, check the "Trans" feature to see what stats you will be able to "Trans" over.
(1) Trans over useful stats from other gear to your currently used gear.
(2) If you change gears, Trans over useful stats from the previous gear to the new gear.
This is to make sure that your accumulated stats will keep getting better and better.


Late game, you will be able to get all 8 yellow chips as there will be 10 slots.


Which Allies are most suitable to be Gunslinger Main Ally? Check out the Ally Guide section.