If you are buying a home for the First time, from the Menu, press on Home --> Market. You will be taken to the home NPC. Choose ''Purchase Home". 
You can then choose where you want to build your home, it could be in Chizuru, Ehime Prefecture, or Tokyo. Within each City, there are also suburbs or communities that you can choose.
You can purchase a home with gold and diamonds. Once done, you will get a Certificate for your home.
You can then visit your home from the menu at Home --> Go To Home.

When you first go to your home, you will be at an empty grass patch. The first impression may be, where is my Home? Don't worry, the grass patch is your huge garden. Look around and you will see your huge home nearby. You can run to it and go inside.


You have to go to your Home and go inside. Go to find your bed and interact with it to rest and complete the quest.


To decorate your home, from the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit. Here, we will explore the features of the Edit section.
Wall (top right side)
You can press on it to ''remove'' the walls from the house (view only) so that you can easily see the interior of your house from the outside.
Default (top right side)
This returns the view to the general default settings
1F (top right side)
That is the Floors button. You can press up or down to see the layout of the individual floors of your home.
Navigational Arrows (right side)
Allow you to change your camera view.
Remove (top left)
When you are in Remove Mode, any items that you tap on will be removed (demolished) quickly. Be Careful!
Manuscript (top left)
This is a User Interface guide for Decorating your home.
Use this to destroy your whole home. If only we can Bulldoze other people's homes :P

You can reset the home to its original decorations. You will still have the furniture that you can choose whether to sell or re-useDecorate / Room / Feature (bottom left)These are all the furniture and decorations that you can buy or use to decorate your home. Some can be bought with gold, diamonds, or house funds.

Updates on 5 Aug 2020.

You can add parking lots to your home. From the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Room --> Outdoors --> You will see 2 different kinds of parking lots. You can use both. After you have placed the Parking lots, Tap on the parking lots and you will be prompted to choose the Motor that you would like to place there.

You can also place Figurines in your home. From the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Feature --> Choose a figurine to place. You can only place up to 5 Figurines.

Friends can make use of your cooking appliances to cook. From the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Feature --> Food. You can see cooking appliances here to place like Stoves, etc.

Friends can interact with the "Fun" features in your home to perform Career activities. From the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Feature --> Fun --> chooose Kinetic Dance Mat for example. When you tap on it, you will be able to perform career acts.

Updates on 9 Sep 2020

According to the Dragon Raja SEA patch notes:

Home Basement is available now. Time to choose some of your adorable items and place them in basement.

In order to build the basement, go to Home --> Go to home --> Edit --> on the right you will see 1F, pres the down arrow to go to -1F.

You then need to build walls. So go to Decorate --> Wall --> build your walls.

Then you need to build steps. So got go Decorate --> Stairs --> build your stairs.

And you are all set!


You can Hire a Housekeeper to keep your home tidy buy going to Home --> Clean & Decorate --> Housekeeper.
Basically, furniture in the home can get dirty when they are interacted with too frequently. Dirty furniture will not be able to be removed, and no one will be able to use them as well. So we will have to clean them. In order to do so, we will need to hire a housekeeper, and pay the housekeeper daily. You can hire a friend Keeping the home clean will affect the Clealiness Rating.

If you want to save money, you can actually clean the home on your own. When you go to the Cleanliness Rating from the main menu Home --> Go to Home --> Cleanliness, there will be a summary that tells you how much trash there is in your home, and what Grade you will get. So you can manually look for the trash, tap on them to clean them.

You can change the clothes of your housekeeper. From the main menu, go to Home --> Clean & decorate --> Housekeeper --> Change --> choose an outfit.


The furniture in the house may break down after awhile if they are interacted with frequently. In order to repair them, we can call a repairman. Repairing furniture will affect the Clealiness Rating.

If you want to save money, you can actually repair the furniture on your own. When you go to the Cleanliness Rating from the main menu Home --> Go to Home --> Cleanliness, there will be a summary that tells you how many damaged furniture thereare in your home, and what Grade you will get. So you can manually look for the damaged furniture, tap on them to repair them them.


Everyday, you can get the Cleanliness Rating of your home judged once. You can go to the Cleanliness Rating from the main menu Home --> Go to Home --> Cleanliness menu will appear next to the Details menu if you have not done it. If not, it will disappear. There, you can get your house rated once a day. Make sure that your home is Cleaned and Repaired before doing so! 
Cleanliness rating will be measured by:
(1) Size of the house - the larger the better
(2) how clean the house is - remember to get the housekeeper to clean the house first.
(3) Condition of the furniture - remember to get the Repairman to repair any damaged furniture.

Before confirming to go for the Cleanliness Rating, there will be a summary that tells you what Grade you will get. SS Grade will be the highest grade. If not, you can see the summary for how much trash or damaged furniture there are in the house, and repair or clean them up first before going for the Cleanliness Rating.
You will be rewarded with household funds and Rainbow Potions as rewards for good cleanliness ratings.


You can sell your home by going to Home --> Go to Home --> Details --> Change --> Sell.
Selling the home will refund you what you have spent on your home for all the furniture and decoration, and also return you your original home purchase price of 498 diamonds and Gold.


You can Move your home to where your friend's homes are by going to Home --> Go to Home --> Details --> Change --> Move. There, you can check out the 3 Main Districts, Chizuru, Tokyo and Ehime. You can also click on 
''Friend's Districts'' or ''Ally's Homes'' to find out where they are.


You can visit Friendss Homes by going from the main menu to Home --> Go To Home --> Friend's Home --> Choose who's home you wish to visit.
At your friend's home, you can click on the ''News'' button. Here you can:
Give Gift (bottom left side)
Give your friend's home a gift.
Like (bottom left side)
Like your friend's home once a day.
Note (top right side)
You can leave a Post on the friend's home's social wall.

If you want to visit the homes of friends that have visited your home, then you can go to Home --> Go to Home --> Home Comments --> you will see 4 small tabs on the right side, press on Visit Footprints --> visit the friend.


You can plant Oath Trees for your Soulmates. 

Go to Home --> go to Home --> Edit --> Feature at the bottom left --> Scroll right until you see Oath Tree.

You can plant up to 3 Oath Trees.

You also have to take care of the Oath Trees every day by giving them Fertilizer, Water and Kill bugs. When the Oath Trees bear fruits, you will get Oath Berry that can be used to exchange for items from the Fruit Shop. 

Garden System

This is a new permanent Feature. You can now build a Garden for your home.

From the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Feature --> Garden. You can place Pots for your garden. 

After you have placed the pots, tap on them to see the plants that you will be able to plant. You can purchase seeds from the seed shop by pressing on "Get". You can plant up to 12 plants for your garden.

You can plant 2 types of things.

(a) ingredients that can be used for cooking career.

(b) flowers that you can gift to friends.

After planting them, you will need to harvest them or else someone else will be able to steal them. 

Personally, i prefer to plant the Flowers. Because not only do they give you household funds, they also have a chance of giving you real Flowers that you can Gift to your friends.

You can also visit other friends or Club mates Gardens by going to Home --> Garden --> Friend Garden or Group Garden --> Steak or Help. Group Graden refers to Club mates. When you go to your friend's gardens, you can steal up to 2 times, and help them to water their plants up to 2 times. In total, you can get up to 4 rewards. So make sure to do these each day.

Home Party System

According to the Dragon Raja SEA Patch notes:

Time for a Home Party!
Host a theme party in Home, ask your friend to be your party chef and invite friend to have fun and complete party objectives. The higher the mode points you gained in your party, the better the rewards. 
Party host can get one of the following special time-limited outfits, including Sakura's Return - Nightingale, Sakura's Return - Nirvana, Sakura's Return - Sparrow and Sakura's Return - Lark. Also, the host can get lots of Home Decoration Fund and Home Party Pack, from which you have a chance to get Evolution Stone, Eternal Flames and lv.6 Elemental Gem. 
If the home party’s mode level reaches S, the host can get some Secret Command;
If the home party’s mode level reaches SS, the host can get special timed titles.
If you chose to be a party chef, you’ll also have a chance to get a mysterious gift from the host. BTW, guests also have a chance to get some rare figurines, party titles and lots of decoration funds. 

As a guest to the party. There will be objectives for you to perform, such as sing pop songs, use a stool, or play foosball. The party house therefore needs to have many facilities already built in in order for the party guests to be able to complete the objectives. If not, no guests will be able to complete the objectives, and the mood of the party will be very low.

Home Creative Workshop

According to the Dragon Raja SEA Patch notes:

Home creative workshop is online. Are you satisfied with your current layout? Here’s your chance, you can design your own decoration plan, upload and publish it. Maybe someone would like to use your design? Go have a try now!

In order to do this, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit --> Workshop. Here, you can view popular designs, or upload your own designs. To upload your own designs, press on "Design". Here, you can choose to:

(1) Redesign a new design. Don't worry. This will not affect your current house. It will take you to a new plot of land where you can redesign.

(2) you can share your current layout. When you are done, press on Upload.

Room Mates

You can now create rooms in your Home and allocate them to friends! Close friends only, with over 2,800 friendship points. Go to Home --> Roommate. First you will need to build a room in your home, and place a special Door. To place find the special door, go to home and press Edit --> Decorate --> Door --> there are 3 doors called "Code Doors". You can choose any of it. After the door is built, exit the home Edit mode, and go to the door. You will see an interaction sign with the door. Press on it and you will be able to "Allocate an Occupant" to the room. You can also give the rspecial rooms a passwords