On the main menu at the main screen, the inventory is the 'box' looking icon.

there are only 2 things to note for the inventory.

Depot tab

It is for extra storage space.

Change tab

Every found it inconvenient to always have to look through your inventory item by item to see which one can be exchanged or used at shops? Just come to the ''Change'' tab. It will show you all the items that can be exchanged at the various shops or NPCs.

Collect tab

This shows your collection of Figurines that you have found during the game. For example, those that you get from the Claw Machine or other events.


You will start to get them for activities and events from Level 75 onwards.

You can Equip emblems to your Equipment from the Inventory --> Press on any equipped gear --> Emblem

Emblems can be attached to each of your equipment to buff the stats of the equipment. You can also exchange the lower grade emblems for higher grade emblems at the Gear Emblem shop.

Once you equip emblems, they cannot be removed. If you replace the emblems with a new one, the old one will be gone.

There are 6 Draconic Emblems in total.

(1) Emblem I Insight - 170% equipment stat buff.

(2) Emblem II Black Rock - 195% equipment stat buff.

(3) Emblem III Freedom - 220% equipment stat buff.

(4) Emblem I Mantra - 190% equipment stat buff

(5) Emblem II Crown - 215% equipment stat buff

(6) Emblem III Sacrifice - 240% equipment stat buff.

From Level 75, you will get Emblem I.

From Level 85, you will get Emblem II.