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After leaving Black Swan Bay, Renata changed her name into – Zero


Cassell Japan Division Execution Bureau leader is - Chisei Gen


Jormungand’s human form is – Shavee


Luminous' Cassell College roommate is - Finger

Luminous first gave 1/4 of his life to save – NoNo


NoNo’s fiancé is – Caesar


Shopkeeper of Takamagahara is – Humpback


The clan chief that takes charge in Soaplands is - Katsu Inuyama

The Dragon Lord that organized Devil Clan is - Ruri Kazama

The editor of Cassell News is - Finger

The ex-Lord of Shadow who is now Ramen chef is - Koshi Uesugi

The head of Black Swan Orphanage is - Herzog

The head of Cassel Enforcement Department is - Schneider

The Hydra’s high patriarch that launched war against Devil Clan is - Tachibana M.

The leader of Devil Clan is - King's Blade

The President of Cassell Lionheart is - Johann Chu

The president of Cassell Student Union is - Caesar

The president of the Cassell Disciplinary Committee is - Manstein

The principal of Cassell College is - Anjou

The Shopkeeper lady of Paradisio is - Kogure Sakurai


Which drink can increase warmth? - Oolong Tea


Who can control Chime Gen and Ruri Kazama (Personality Switch) with Woodblock? - King's Blade

Who commanded storm torpedo and damaged Norton? - Caesar

Who damaged Norton whit Philosopher's Stone? - Mai Sakatoku

Who defeated Caesar Gattuso and Johann in Day of Liberty? - Luminous

Who defeated Jormungand with Folding Knife? - Johann Chu

Who defeated two dragon lords with Ming-Z-Lu's help? - Luminous

Who destroyed the Roller Coaster – Midgard Snake? - Shavee

Who didn’t go to Japan or aboard Trieste? - Manstein

Who earned the nickname “Egret” for having long legs? - Mai Sakatoku

Who gave duckling to Luminous? - Erii Uesugi

Who gave the Lionheart Blood Rage files to Caesar? - Susie

Who helped Luminous the price of his life? - Ming-Z-Lu

Who invested Herzog’s study on Black Swan Bay? - Bondarev

Who is Basaraking? - Caeser

Who is called Miss Chips? - Enxi

Who is Chisei Gen’s assistant? - Sakura Yabuki

Who is considered Amaterasu-no-mikoto by Hydras? - Chisei Gen

Who is good at profiling? - NoNo

Who is not Chisei Gen’s assistant? - Shavee

Who is the AI butler of Cassell College? - Eva

Who is the crazed hybrid that hurt 15 girls? - Akira Sakurai

Who is the leader of Embryo investigation team? - Caesar

Who offered the diving gear to Luminous? - NoNo

Who owns the EX-Don't Die? - Luminous

Who owns the EX-glimmer? - Katsu Inuyama

Who owns the EX-time zero? - Anjou

Who owns the EX-Judgement? - Erii Uesugi

Who owns the Unquenchable Golden Pupils? - R: Johann Chu

Who participated in destroying Black Swan Bay? - Bondarev

Who played in Tokyo Love Story with Luminous? - Erii Uesugi

Who plays games at the meeting of Hydras? - Erii Uesugi

Who purchased Seven Deadly Sins with 100 million dollars? - Luminous

Who rides the Ferris Wheel with Johann Chu? - Shavee

Who said that Luminous has a lion hidden in his eyes? - Ruri Kazama

Who used Icebreaker to bring Dragon embryo away from Black Swan Bay? - Bondarev

Who waited with Luminous when they took the train to Cassell College for the first time? - Finger

Who watched fireworks with NoNo? - Luminous

Who's stage name is Ukyou? - Johann Chu


Whose EX casts flames that melt metals? - Johann Chu