You may contact them via their Facebook Page messaging.
Notice from the Devs:
A warm notice: Our online customer service work-time is from 7am to 1am (GMT+7), so please free to message us if you have any issues in-game. Have fun!

Featured Secret Pack Vs Featured Secret Key

Event until 1 Dec 2020.

The event has been renewed. The same review remains. You can visit our Archived page to see the details. In summary:

(1) You can buy the Featured Secret Pack with market rate coupons its no problem. This is because it is super cheap.

(2) For Featured Secret Key, only buy it if you have promotion coupons. If not, ignore this.

Need us to Review any other Packs?

Personally, we actually purchase every single pack. However, we only review the popular ones that are highlighted in the Patch Notes because there are just so many packs out there. If you would like us to review any particular pack that we did not cover, just write in to us and we will see what we can do!

Mystery Seed event

Mystery Seed event starts! 
It’s said that a mystery seed is guarded by the elves. All plants sprout in spring. Help this seed sprout and grow.
From the update to Dec.1st, you can talk to the Piper and get a mysterious seed. During the cultivation of the seed, you have a chance to get lots of EXP, Gold, Claw Machine Coin and Flower Gift Boxes. Also, from the Flower Gift Box you have a chance to get Guardian Star III, Guardian Star I and special nutrients. 

Pure Love Event

2. Pure Love event is available. 
Love should be pure and we won’t allow any other colors to destroy the harmony. 
From the update to Dec.1st, players can team up to join this event and find out the unsuitable elements in the scene. Can you finish it within limited time? Time to accept the challenge now!

Love Ally

From the update to Dec.1st, Love - Luminous, Love - Erii and Love - Kogure will be available for recruiting. Also, the first 10-streak guarantees an ally of at least 5 star.

Circus Pack

From the update to Dec.1st, players can buy Circus pack in Mall, and a chance to get some valuable items and a Circus coupon. The circus coupon can be used to redeem some avatar, frame, tattoo, back accessory, and lv.11 gem coupons.

I have stopped topping Up for the time being

As the title says, I have stopped topping up for the time being. I'm waiting to see how much more the game brings. I will therefore not be reviewing the cash shop for this period until further notice. I find the game plateauing a bit, with probably only the top players fighting amongst themselves. This doesn't really leave a very exciting game landscape for the game as a whole. I would love to see some signs of the rest of the game catching up before I decide whether it will be worth it to begin topping up again. 

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