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Notice from the Devs:
A warm notice: Our online customer service work-time is from 7am to 1am (GMT+7), so please free to message us if you have any issues in-game. Have fun!

I have stopped topping Up for the time being

As the title says, I have stopped topping up for the time being. I'm waiting to see how much more the game brings. I will therefore not be reviewing the cash shop for this period until further notice. I find the game plateauing a bit, with probably only the top players fighting amongst themselves. This doesn't really leave a very exciting game landscape for the game as a whole. I would love to see some signs of the rest of the game catching up before I decide whether it will be worth it to begin topping up again. 

Show Time Event

Help models to choose their costumes. Here is what I have found:

Lily Rock Style Model

2nd outfit, Black - SS

3rd outfit, Black - SS

Grace Wedding Model

3rd outfit, White - SS

Avril Casual Style Model

1st Outfit, Blue - SSS

Jane Lolita Style Model

1st Outfit, Pink - SSS

Bella Sports Style Model

3rd Outfit, Black - SS

Ariel White Collar Model

2nd outfit, White - SS

Victoria Future Themed Model

1st outfit, White - SS

Annie Swimwear Model

1st outfit, Pink - SS

3rd outfit, Blue - SS

Christmas Ally

Christmas Ally show time! 
From the update to Dec. 22nd, Christmas Erii, Christmas Chime Gen, Christmas Mai, and Christmas Shavee will be available for recruiting. Since this is a limited Christmas Ally event, all the Christmas Allies you got can be dismantled into Info Piece - Snow and Ice Bloodborn Gems. Check out the Ally Guide for more details.