Remember to do dungeons in Party of 5. When you do, you can "roll the dice" at the end of the dungeon for a chance to get extra gear.


Dragon Raja Sea Radiance Challenge Dungeon Raid (Light Dungeon)
Normal Mode
Challenge I
Challange II
Challenge Dungeons can be done up to 3 times a week. At the start of the week, it will be 2 times, and at the end of the week during the weekend, an additional one time will be added.

Challenge this dungeon with a team of 5 as the difficult stages can be challenging. You can decide for yourself when you are powerful enough, whether you can complete the dungeon on your own or with a smaller team. You can only die 5 times during the raid. After which, you will become a Ghost. If you remain in the Ghost mode and the team manages to complete the dungeon, you will still get the rewards.

​Fight through enemies and mini bosses through different sections of the dungeon until you reach the final boss.

​There are 2 areas of the dungeon that may be confusing, that may cause you to get lost or die.

​(1) there will come a point where you will have to warp from one point to another. You can choose which warp point to use. If you choose the wrong warp point, lightning clouds will appear to strike you down. Your team mates should then know to avoid your warp point, and choose another warp path. 


Therefore, if your team mates have warped before you, take note of which warp points your team mates used. If they made it across safely, you can use their warp points. If they died by the lightning clouds, then you should choose another warp point to try. Dying by the lightning strike will use up one of the 5 lives.

​(2) You will come to another point where you can choose between 2 routes. 

​(a) jumping across various platforms to get to the other side, or,

​(b) running through a path with some swinging pendulums that try to knock you off. 

​Choose path (a) to go to the optional secret boss. You will have to jump across the platforms until you reach the other side. Be careful not to drop down and waste your lives. One jump requires you to jump and dash in the air in order to make it. I suggest you watch the video below to get a good idea of what to do. After the boss, you will not have to jump all the way back. a Blue portal will appear for you to go back. You can then continue on your way to the final boss.

video by WRATH GAMING youtube channel. https://youtu.be/jLHj9jBhAYk


Dragon Raja Sea Nirvana Challenge Dungeon Raid
Challenge I
Challenge II
Challenge III
Challenge Dungeons can be done up to 3 times a week. At the start of the week, it will be 2 times, and at the end of the week during the weekend, an additional one time will be added.
Battle through the dungeon's mini bosses until you reach the final boss. This is a very difficult dungeon. The Hard Mode is divided into 3 difficulties, 1, 2 and 3 being the most difficult. You must have a team of 5, sometimes you may even have trouble completing the hard modes if the team of 5 is not strong enough. If that happens, you can find some stronger team mates to carry you through the dungeon, or, pick a dungeon with the lower difficulty.
You can only die up to 5 times, after which, you become a Ghost. You can remain in Ghost mode, and if your team manages to complete the dungeon, you will still get the rewards.  
There are a few areas where you may fall into traps.
(1) First Mini Boss.

Beware of the holes in the ground near the boss. Be careful not to fall into the holes, it will reduce your life. The first boss also has an AoE skill that covers half of the whole map. Do your best to evade it. If your life gets low, dash all the way back to the starting point. At the starting point, the boss's AoE will not be able to reach you. Stay still for awhile to recover until your HP is full, before joining the fight again. You can keep repeating this to recover HP in order to not die so early in the dungeon and save the 5 lives.

​(2) 2nd Mini Boss.

Search for 5 small enemy cubes around the map and kill them. 2 things to note:

(a) if you fall into the holes, you lose some HP

(b) there are red and green coins along the way. Red coins will explode and damage you. Green coins will give you life. So dash away from red coins, but stay at the Green coins to heal HP.

After killing the 5 cubes, the miniboss Cube will appear. This cube has a very powerful circular AoE skill that can easily wipe out the party with 1 hit. If you are not powerful enough, make sure to leap out of the circle. When your life gets low, return to the previous section of the map (miniboss 1 area) to recover HP. then Join the fight again. Another trick is to lead the boss around the map towards the Red coins. The Red coins will explode and can damage the boss. But you have to remember to get out of the way. You can also go to the green coins to heal quickly.
(3) You will then have to make your way through a winding path with exploding tiles to reach the final boss.

The final boss has very powerful AoE skills too. One AoE skill covers almost the whole map. When it is about to occur, one trick is to leap or dash away into the previous area of the map (the winding path) to escape the AoE. You can also come to this winding path to recharge HP if life is low, then join in the fight again.

​Try to escape to recover HP using the methods above as much as possible. Keep your 5 lives for situations where you may die unexpectedly, which will happen a lot.​

If you don't wish to stress through the difficult stages, you can simply select a lower difficulty, or find a strong team members to carry you through the dungeon. 
video by NII UPLOADS youtube channel https://youtu.be/9R70pcnRldI


Dragon Raja Sea Doom Challenge Dungeon Raid 
Challenge I
Challenge II
Challenge III
Challenge IV
Challenge Dungeons can be done up to 3 times a week. At the start of the week, it will be 2 times, and at the end of the week during the weekend, an additional one time will be added.
The first boss is pretty straight forward. You will be fighting on top of a train. If your life is low, run to the end of the train away from the boss to recover life. The others can also kite the monsters away from those that are resting.
The train will stop and everyone gets off. Go to the next section, and you will have to kill some monsters before hopping over to the next building. At the next building, you will see a white door. You can just go through the white door to get to the next section. Kill the 2nd boss here. For the 2nd boss, look at its life. As soon as it reaches x3 life and x1 life, it will cast an ulti skill, so make sure to run away immediately when its life reaches x3 and x1 in order to avoid dieing. If your life is low, run far away from the boss to recover life before coming back to fight it again. After that, you will see another white door. Go through it to get to the next section.

At this section, the obvious path would be to hop to the next building. BUT, don't hop yet. there is a secret chest that you can get. Watch the video for the secret chest location. It is at about 3:50 of the video by EMILAN youtube channel. https://youtu.be/Gx71qV5Xbt8

After you get the chest, continue on from where you left off. Jump across to the next building. At the next section you will come across some traffic lights. The game is simple, When the lights are Red, stop moving. When the lights are green, Move. You can dash if you want to move faster. Go on to the next section.

​Here, you will come across some monsters. But you don't have to fight them. look around the corner to the right side and you will see a lift. you can take it to go to the next section to kill the final boss. Make sure that everyone enters the lift before you go up! the lift cannot come back down again.

​For the final boss, there are 3 things to note.

(1) Pay attention to the cutscene that introduces the final boss. The very first seconds show the computer terminal at the other end of the map. The first thing that you will want to do is to run to that computer terminal. Interact with it and Enter the Command ''power overwhelming'' in small letters. This code will give everyone in the party an extra life.

(2) This is important. When killing the boss, take note of its life again. When it reaches x3, pay attention to the main screen for the yellow announcements. The announcement will talk about some Gravity Stone statues. When this happens, quickly look around the boss and you will see 5 green-coloured stone statues. Kill them immediately! Have the team spread out to kill all 5 stone statues as fast as possible. Each hit will only damage it 1 HP, so use high attack speed attacks. Killing the statues will be the only way to stop the boss's Ulti skill.

(3) As the boss's life gets lower, it will cast a shield barrier. You will see the shield barrier's life bar appear, and a timer countdown. The team has to kill the barrier before the timer runs out. Or else, another different ulti will occur from the boss that can easily 1HKO everyone.

​In the final phase, smaller monsters will appear. stay below the boss and hit the monsters and the boss together to be the most efficient. 

​Congratulations on completing Doom IV.


Dragon Raja Sea Bronze Challenge Dungeon Raid 


Challenge I

Challenge II

Challenge III

Challenge IV

Challenge V

Phase 1: 
The first obstacle will be a puzzle.Refer to the video on how to solve it. The puzzle does not change. After solving it, you will go into the next area. video here by Miss Maven : https://youtu.be/kBehcqSjioU

Phase 2:
Use Auto Quest to go to several locations to open Chests until you get the energy Core that unlocks the Central Trap. Then go to 255,220 to interact with the device and kill the boss.The boss shoots fire at you, with some fireballs that can track you. So if a fireball is tracking you, jump into the pools of water nearby, then jump back out to continue killing the boss. When the boss dies, immediately jump back into the pool. Fire will burn the ground randomly for awhile. When it is over, you can come out of the pool to open the chest.

Then, follow the quest to destroy the door. To the left of the door, there is a device. You can drag it to the door to help with destroying the door. When it is destroyed, proceed to the next area.

Phase 3:
As soon as you enter, you will meet some frogs on fire. When their life gets slow, they will cast a dome shield. Lure them away from the shield first then continue killing them. 
Continue on to open the chest at 281,172. Then proceed along the path.
You will reach a straight path with a boulder coming through. Just run at the side of the path, you can easily squeeze through the boulder. Beware of the fire on the ground too, avoid them to take less unnecessary damage. The first 2 people to reach the end of the path can step on the tiles at 323,270 and 306,272 to stop the boulder and the fires.

Carry on and you will meet more monsters. Lure them to the end of the path at 257,279 where they will be turned to stone, and you can kill them easily. After killing them, return to 278,278 to open the chest.
To go to the next phase, there will be another puzzle. Unfortunately, this puzzle changes all the time, so you will really need to think and solve it. 

Phase 4:
the next area is pretty straight forward. Fix the bridge. When you get to the boss, don't kill them yet. Run around them to the back, 258,503, and you will see platforms to jump to. Jump across to the other side to get the chest. Then, jump back to kill the bosses. You have to kill the bossess equally. If you kill one too soon, the other one will revive. So kill them equally so that when one dies, you can kill off the other one quickly. Avoid dieing as much as possible. If the party dies, and no damage is done to the bosses, they recover HP too. After they die, open the chest. 

The final boss will be summoned. For this boss, keep a look out for when it reaches x8 HP. It will have an ulti to flow out fire, so avoid staying at its front.
When it reaches x6 HP, it will rain fire. Run around to avoid the fire spots.
At x5 HP, it will cast a large AoE Ulti. Run to the "platforms" at the sides of the map. You will some some "bubbles" on the platforms. Jump onto the platforms and interact with the bubbles to gain some immunity. Everyone will have to find their own bubble.
Next, keep a look out for when it reaches x2 HP. It will have an ulti to flow out fire, so avoid staying at its front.
When it reaches x1 HP, it will rain fire. Run around to avoid the fire spots.
When the dragon is dying, it will cast the large AoE Ulti again. Run to the "platforms" at the sides of the map to get your bubbles again.
Proceed to kill off the boss.


Dragon Raja Sea Bright & Incubi-Light Challenge Dungeon Raid 

Challenge I

Challenge II

Challenge III

Challenge IV

Challenge V

Area 1
As soon as you enter the Dungeon, you will face the first boss. Remember to avoid his AoE attacks.
After killing it, enter the blue portal to go to the next area.
Area 2
Here you will see a blue and a red circle. You will also see a weighing scale at the centre of the screen.
In order to solve this puzzle, all team members must stand at the blue and red scale, and the scale has to be balanced in order to pass.
However, it is not so straight forward because:
(1) you may have an odd number of playeres, eg 3 or 5.

(2) Each player will have a different weight. So even if you have 4 players, and 2 players stand on each circle, the weighing scale may still not be balanced.
In order to solve this, there will be a pile of rocks at the side. The team that needs more weight in order to balance the scale will have to carry the rocks and stand on the circle.
You will have to work this out with the team, i recommend using the Team Voice Chat feature to solve it faster.
When the weights are balanced, you can proceed to the next area.
Area 3.
In the next area you will see a fire obstacle. Be patient to avoid the fire!
If you are a team of 5, you can get the 3 strongest characters to cross first. At the end, there will be 3 buttons that each of them can stand on to disable the fires. Then, the remaining 2 weaker players can cross.
Now proceed to coordinates 109,19, and you have to jump across the platforms to reach the secret chest, similar to the secret chest in Radiance dungeon.
This time, there is no shortcut portal back. You will have to jump across the platforms back to the main area.
Area 4.
Here you will see 2 bosses that look like trees. Remember to avoid their AoEs.
While killing the trees, do take note of the yellow alert that occurs on the screen. It will say ''Druid - Muen is absorbing the power of nature to recover HP. Break the vines nearby to interrupt it.''.
Look around at the corners of the map to see some tree vines or roots that have grown up. You will have to destroy them quickly to stop the boss from regenerating HP. If there are 2 or more vines that appear at different corners, you should split the team to destroy the vines as fast as possible.

To proceed to the next area, you have to go through some portals.
For the first part, there will be 3 portals. You can only go through 1 portal safely, you will die if you choose the wrong portal. When you die, you will also lose a life. so,
(1) watch where your friends go. If they die at 1 portal, don't go to the same one. You can try another portal.
(2) If you are the first and die at a portal, you can let your friends find out which the safe portal is, so that you do not die too many times and use up all your lives.
For the second part, there will be 2 portals. Again, use the strategy above, try not to lose so many lives. If you have friends that still have 3 full lives, you may want them to proceed first.
Proceed to kill the next boss.
Area 5.
This next boss will be a flame lord. Watch out for his flame whirlwinds and fireballs. 
To proceed to the next area, you have to cross a bridge. This bridge changes colour between red and blue. 
When it is blue, you will not be able to cross it. You will fall through. So wait for it to be red in colour and dash across as fast as you can before it changes back to blue colour again.
Proceed to the last section.
Area 6.
Kill off the last boss.


Dragon Raja Sea God Challenge Dungeon Raid 

This Challenge has Normal, Hard and Glory Modes.  Honor Mode does not give any chests, but you can get titles and rewards for first time completions.

Phase 1

Phase 1 will have some enemies that you will have no trouble getting rid of. Then it is a picture puzzle. You can follow this video to see what you must make the picture become. But how to do it, you will have to figure it out on your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S9-K3EhiLI


Phase 2.

1 person in the team will need to reach the portal at the end in order to open up the blue portal for the rest of the team to come through. Where is the portal? Look carefully at the platform where the spiders are. Look Above the platform, you will see 4 x Circular platforms. You will notice that the Circular platform at the end has a bling bling interaction. One person has to jump from platform to platform to get to the Circular platforms, then reach the portal to open the portal for everyone else.

Phase 3

Spider. Kill the boss spider  until it is 3.5X life. He will spawn baby spider eggs. Try to kill as many spider eggs as possible before they hatch. If they hatch, don't bother killing the baby spiders. Just run around and after awhile the baby spiders will explode and die. The boss will appear again. This time, you can kill it until it dies.

Phase 4

You will actually see 4 mirrors along the left side of the stairs. You will have to go to each mirror portal and interact with them to close it, so that monsters cannot come out. This will give you lesser monsters to kill. So each team member can quickly close 1 portal. If you do it right, no bosses can come out, and you can pass the stairs easily. At the top of the stairs, there will be a puzzle. Jump on the buttons until the colours in the centre are all the same to complete the puzzle.

Phase 5

Kill the bear boss. Midway through the battle, it will split into a black bear and a purple bear. Follow the black bear. The black bear will release black and white balls. Avoid the black balls, and take only the white balls. You will see a gauge at the top. If you manage to take enough white balls to fill up the white gauge fully, the boss that respawns will not be so tough. If you fail to fill up the white gauge fully, the boss that respawns will be more powerful.

Phase 6 - Hidden Chest.

If you get lucky, there will be a red path that you can follow to get to the end. If there is no red path, then when you stand at 222,197, you will see the bling bling portal opposite. You will have to jump to it, and jump all around the map from platform to platform until you get to the other side. yeah i know. it sucks. At the other end of the map, you can do 2 things:

(a) you will see the hidden chest. You can jump to it.

(b) kill a miniboss.

If you are not sure, you can see the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S9-K3EhiLI

Phase 7

Just kill the two "dogs" and move on.

Phase 8

The final boss has 2 phases. One on his horse, and one without.

At 4X life, the boss will start dashing about wildly. You will not be able to kill it. You will also notice the announcement "The Spear of Fate is about to appear in the mirror! Once the Spear of Fate appears, it will have a Fatal Effect..." Look around the map quickly to see and you will notice a few "portals" have appeared while the boss is wildly dashing about. You will have to strategically stand behind the portals to cause the boss to dash towards you, and destroy the portals during the process. If the portals are not destroyed, you may die or take a lot of damage.

At 3.5X life, the boss will lose its horse.

At 3X life, the knight will deploy the 5 lightning balls on the map. He will then use his spear to throw it at the lightning balls. If his spear hits a lightning ball, the map will have a lightning storm and everyone will take a lot of damage. So, if you are in a team, you will need to position each character infront of a lightning ball to block it from the spear. The spear will hit you instead, but less damage will be taken compared to if the spear hit the lightning balls. This will occur when the final boss is at 3X life and 0.5X life.

Hope you found the details useful. Cheers.

Doom Challenge Dungeon with Secret Chest

Dragon Raja Sea Doom Challenge Dungeon Raid 

This Challenge has Normal, Hard and Honor Modes. Honor Mode does not give any chests, but you can get titles and rewards for first time completions.

Phase 1

There will be 3 ''Eyes of Life'' circles on the ground. Team mates will need to stand in the circle and give it life. When your HP is low, move away from the circle and heal up. Then, go back into the circle again. When all 3 circles reach 100%, you will be able to move to the next area. 

Phase 2

There will be 3 columns of lightning balls. You will have to avoid the lightning balls to reach the other end. If you are in a team, have the strongest member go to the end first. There are 3 control panels at the end. The strongest member will be able to activate one panel to ''deactivate'' one column of lightning balls. When 1 column is empty, other stronger members can go to the other end first. The next 2 members to reach the end can activate the remaining 2 control panels to stop the remaining 2 columns of lightning balls. Running through the area can still encounter some random lightning shocks, so run/dash through it as fast as possible.

Phase 3

Kill some enemies and the boss will spawn.

When the boss reaches 4X, 3X  and 1X life, it will launch a spinning AoE attack. So stay away.

Phase 4

Mini tower-defense game. Everyone will turn into Adams. Spread out across in a row and shoot all the enemies that try to come to you. Do not go too far forward. If you cross the line infront, you will die. After the enemies have died, you will turn back to your normal form. Do not go to the next area yet. Run to the end of the map 368,249 to get the hidden chest first. Then run back to go to the next area.

Phase 5

This boss has some wicked AoE attacks. So dash away as soon as you see him casting them. When it reaches 0.5X life, it will cast its Ulti. You will see the notice appear "Dark Shadow Blade aims at XXX, other members stay away!". This is the sign to run as far away from the boss as possible. He will cast the Ulti a fes times, so just stay away until he finishes casting everyone, think finish him off.

Phase 6

Final Boss.

At 9X and 7X life, you will see the notice "The flaming crystal with destructive energy is about to fall. Please pay attention". This is the sign for coming AoE attack. So run far away before the stone drops. The stones are not really the AoE attack. Rather, the stones are shields that will protect you from the AoE attack. So if the stone is in between you and the boss, the AoE attack will not reach you. Wait for the stone to disappear before continuing to attack the boss again.

At 4X life, you will see the notice "Hella will launch a death reversal in 30 seconds....". At the same time, you will see Green stones and Purple stones that will drop randomly. Green stones will increase your life by 10%. Purple stones will decrease your life by 10%. What you will need to do is to go to the required stone in order to add or reduce your life until it is 50%. The death reversal will basically cause your life to reverse. For example, if you have 100% life, you will die immediately. If you have 80% life, it will become 20% life. Or if you have 30% life, it will become 70% life. So a safe bet would be to get your life to 50% to not risk death.

At 2X life, the boss will cast the largest AoE. You can either escape it by going to the centre of the storm, i,e, directly under the boss. Or, to the furthest edges of the map that the AoE may not be able to reach.

At 1X life, a portal will appear next to the boss. Choose the strongest member of the team to enter the portal to kill Shavee. After Shavee dies, the boss will die too.

Godfall Challenge dungeon with secret chest

Dragon Raja SEA Godfall Challenge Dungeon raid.

Found a video thats great and i don't think that i can do a better guide.

Bronze Challenge dungeon with secret chest

Dragon Raja SEA Bronze Challenge Dungeon raid.

Found a video thats great and i don't think that i can do a better guide.