In your inventory you will come across an items called "Color Calibrant" or "Polishing Dye". When you click on "Use", you will be taken to the Outfits page. Select an outfit and then click on "Dye". You will be taken to the Dyeing page.

You will see the words "Dye" at the bottom right. You can click on it to change the colours of the outfit. This will require the "Calibrant" and "Polishing Dye" mentioned above. Select a colour that you want to change to, and click on "Dye" to change it. Dyeing does not increase rating of the Outfit. If you have not enough Calibrant and Polishing Dye, they can be bought using Diamonds.

However, you may realise that most of the colours are locked. So you will need to unlock them first. Read the next section on how to Unlock Dye Colours.

below video is from the RIONIUM youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JuMTvjJeqV9QLWOa1HFwA



In your inventory, you will come across an item called "Paint Card". You can "Use" it and it will take you to the Outfits section. There, select an outfit and click on "Dye" at the bottom. 

In the colours page, you will see the Paint Card icon. You will also see the word "Randomly" to the right side. If you click on the word "Ramdomly", you will be able to use the Paint Cards to unlock 1 random colour. Yes, sadly, you cannot choose the colour.

Unlocking of new colours will only lead to increase in Rating sometimes. On other times, it is just beauty increases.

Paint Cards can be bought from the Mall or Store using diamonds or coupons.

video below by CARAT XU youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vJc93y9e8ApIHC5WyoNlg



How to get the Red Petals Umbrella.

Go to the world map by clicking at the top right of the main screen. Then go to Chizuru. At Chizuru, look at the Chizuru map and go to the location 161,220. In that area, you have to wait until it Rains. You can check the weather. When it rains, you will be able to find an NPC called Linne appear. She will be standing and holding an umbrella. Speak with her and you can buy the Red Petals umbrella from her for $350K Gold.

For the Red Butterfly umbrella, you will need to complete the Umbrella Seller Silver Tale Quest.


Outfit & Ratings

Outfits don't just add Beauty points. Beauty points contribute to stat buffs and ratings too. How can you check it? Go to Wardrobe --> at the centre top you will see an "eye" symbol. Press on it. A menu will open up and you will see another "eye" symbol. Press on it. This will show you all the stat buffs that you get from Beauty Points. 


Therefore, getting new outfits and unlocking dye colours will contribute to beauty points, and this directly contributes to stat buffs and ratings increases.