You can equip 2 pets, a Light pet and a Dark pet. On the right hand column of the Pets menu, you can see the "Squad" Tab. You can Equip the pets there. Everytime you get a better pet in the future, remember to come to update the Pet Squad! I forgot about this until over 1 month into the game. And when i updated the Pet Squad with better pets, i got a rating jump of a few thousand. 

After that, go back to the pet main screen. At the bottom, you will see the "Summon" button. Remember to click on it to Summon the pet to accompany you in battle. You can only choose 1 pet to accompany you at a time. When the pet is summoned and next to you, you can actually press on it to trigger some cute interaction with the pet. Remember to Summon 1 pet all the time. Summoned pets contribution to your stats is increased by 400%. Ideally, summon the pet with the highest rating.

In the pet menu, there are the following tabs.


Here you can level up your pet by feeding it Pet Nutrients. Also, when they reach a maturity level, you can "Evolution" the pet using Pet Evolution materials to make the pet stronger.


You can equip Chips to the pet here. Equip the buffs that you manage to find, choose the buffs that suit your build. The Skills can also be bought from the Crystal shop. 

There are Blue, Purple, Gold, and Gold+ Pet Chips. My recommendation is, if you find any Blue and Purple Pet Chips, sell them for Gold if you can. Equip only the Gold Pet Chips and above. This is because, if you equip the Blue or Purple Pet Chip, and when you replace them with a Gold Pet Chip next time, the equipped chip will be lost and you will not gain anything from it. So it would better to just sell it for Gold, and be patient while waiting to get Gold  Pet Chips.

For the various Pet Builds, visit the respective Class Builds pages.

BladeMaster Pet Build

SoulDancer Pet Build

Gunslinger Pet Build

Assassin Pet Build


Go to Cassell College world map, and look at the right hand column. Look for the ''Pet Mate'' NPC and go to her.
There, you can choose ''Pet Mate Marriage''. In order to do this, several criteria must be met.
(1) You must come to the Pet Mate NPC in a party only with the other character that has the Pet you want to mate with. So, only 2 in the party.
(2) Both of you must have an eligible pet that can be mated. Pets must be of the same Type, and the pets must be evolved to the Ultimate Form.
Once done, both pets will be 'mated'. Remember to press the Centre ''Heart'' icon in between the 2 pets to activate the heart connection. After being 'mated' the 2 pets will be bonded together. This will lead to Pet Breeding.


Once you have finished the Pet Mate Marriage, the next step will be to talk to the same Pet Mate NPC again, and choose 'Daily Pet Breeding'. You should do this every day to see if you can breed better pets that can have higher pet's star level, pet's stats, unlock pet skins and Special Effects, as well as new advanced chip slots.


From the Main Menu, go to Pet --> Squad --> Star Array at the top right side. You can do 2 things here.

Upgrade Pet Star Array Level.
You can upgrade the Star Array level to increase the pet's stats in the squad. You will see 6 Pet Star Array that you can upgrade.

- Astral Glow

- Dark Sunlight

- Astral Abyss

- Dark Glow

- Astral sunlight

- Dark Abyss.

''Astral'' Pet Star Arrays can be leveled up using ''Light Particle I'' that you can find during the game or buy from the store.

''Dark'' Pet Star Arrays can be leveled up using ''Dark Particle I'' that you can find during the game or buy from the store.

When the Star Array level reaches a certain limit, you will be able to click on ''Starize'' (bottom right).


When the Star Array level reaches a certain limit, you will be able to click on ''Starize'' (bottom right). Starize will increase the conversion rate of your pets, meaning that the pets will contribute a higher % of their stats to your character stats.

You can increase Pet Star Array Level by using ''Guardian Star I'' items that can be bought from the store, or attained from the game. 

Update 9 Sep 2020

Increased the Star Array limit to lv.250; 

The level limit of Starize is limited by the Pet House level.

Overview (top right side)

You can press on the Overview button to view the overall status of the Pet Star Array.


Go to Pet --> Pet House.
Here, you can claim a daily gift everyday after 20:00 server time.
You can also use Pet Gifts to Level Up the Pet House. These gifts can only be found during the gameplay. So make sure to do your dailies!



Most of the Pets you will get from the game play, except Elisa Pet. You will have to buy her from the Cassell Mystery Shop using Silver Cross coins.



At the top of the main screen you can see the icon for "Tamer"

Click on "Tamer" to go to the Tamer section.

On the top left you will see the word "Colby" with the icon of a diary. This diary will be updated by Colby the Dragon to record your journeys together. But in order to go in Journeys, you have to improve your relationship with Colby.

Exit the diary back to the Tamer main screen. Below the Diary, you will see a "pink heart" symbol. This will show the link points that you have with Colby. The more points that you have, the more adventures Colby will ask you to go on, and the more the diary will be updated.

Next, press on "Enter" to go into Colby's room. Here, inside the room you can do 2 things with Colby.

Interact with Colby

Click on Colby and you will see some activities that you can do with Colby. Drink Soda, Play the Guitar, etc. Use up all the Roly Coins that you have each day. These activities will in crease the link points with Colby. You will get Roly coins automatically each day when you complete other activities in the game.

Watch the TV

Head over to the TV and interact with it. Click on any TV channel and watch the channel. After 30 seconds or so, the notice "happiness has slightly increased" will appear. This does not help Colby, but helps yourself with the Happiness rating. You can read up more about Happiness and the Dejected Buff.

Day 35

After 35 days of login and collecting daily Tamer Event prizes, you will finally reach day 35. On Day 35, look out at your quest menu. Colby will ask you to take pictures as usual, and you can see that he or she is all grown up now.

Finally, Colby will go to Cassell College and ''undergo an operation''. You will have to wait 40 minutes for this. I realise that logging out didn't count. The next morning when i logged in, the 40 minutes still had not passed. After 40min, follow the quest to get Colby's Dragon egg, Abyss Dragon. You can use it to get a new Dark Pet.