The Reaper class is a ranged DPS character. The Reaper has 2 sets of skills, Cat and Raven sets that you can switch between. Both sets have similar yet unique mechanics, and I promise that you will have tonnes of fun rotating through both sets of skills. The only other class that I
 find so much challenge and joy to rotate between both sets of skills is the BladeMaster.

The reaper has 3 unique characteristics. 

(1)The Reaper can heal. But unlike the SoulDancer, the Reaper "heals" by going back 2 - 4 seconds in time. So, you can "heal" strategically by choosing the right time to go back 2 - 4 seconds before. The good thing is, your life will not be reduced if the time that you go back to happens to have lower life. So, if you time the skill correctly, you will be able to gain back life.

(2) The Reaper comes with a whole load of teleportation skills. And these skills are wicked, because they only have a 3 second cooldown. You can see yourself teleporting very often. Other classes will hate fighting you, you will be like a mosquito. Or if you are a pro, you will  be a housefly.

(3) The Reaper can literally not be CC-ed. Because its skills allow you to "get out" of CC statuses immediately.

Therefore, this makes the Reaper the game's new #1 PVP character. Yes. Finally, the BladeMaster has lost its top spot in PVP


If you click on the Profile picture on the top left hand corner, you will see the "General" Tab. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA Reaper, 2 stats are the most important. They will have "M" beside them.

(1) M.ATK

(2) CDR

You will also see a "!" icon at the bottom right. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. They will have the "M" symbol beside them. For Fighter, focus on:

(1) CON

(2) INT

(3) INS

And if you click on the "Advanced" Tab, you can see that "Earth ATK" is also important.

Therefore, Reaper builds should focus on these 6 main stats.

As you can see, these stats are exactly the same as the Souldancer class.


From the above section, we can conclude that the Dragon Raja Sea Reaper build should prioritise on:
(1) M.ATK
(2) CDR
(3) Earth Attack
(4) CON
(5) INT
(6) INS

Here are the details about the Core Gems.

​Fire/Red: STR = HP, MATK, AP

​Water/Blue: INS = HP, MATK, AP, CDR

​Wind/Green: DEX = HP, MATK, Crit, Multistrike

​Earth/Yellow: CON = HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit Res

The best Core Gems for Reaper are thus:

​(1) Earth/Yellow: CON

This is a must have for Durability

​(2) Fire/Red: INT

This is a must have to maximise M.ATK and AP

​(3) Water/Blue: INS

This will give a combination of M.ATK, AP and CDR.


Although one of the Main Stats of the Reaper is CDR, we disagree that we should focus much on CDR for the Reaper. This is because, the most important skills of the Reaper already have 2-3 seconds cooldown. We did some testing, and realised that even with 2 Water Gems, the CDR for these skills still remained at 2-3 seconds. So CDR really doesn't make much of a difference to these skills because their CDR is already so short in the first place. Also with our recommended build, the Reaper will have a lot of Super Armour.

Therefore, the Build that we propose will be:

7 Fire

Gives you a buff of Main Stats PATK and AP, focusing on PATK.

2 Water

Gives you a buff of Main Stats PATK and AP, focusing on AP.

7 Wind

Adds on Crit and Multistrike.


We can only find 1 best way to play the Reaper, both for PVE or PVP. Below are some ground rules.

- always start with the Raven set. why? The Raven set helps to Gain Heart Points that are required for the Cat set. And when you transform from the Raven set to the Cat set, you get a 30% damage buff. So, at the start of all battles, remember to manually change to the Raven set manually first.

- you also want to spend as much time in Cat form as possible, because thats where all the DPS takes place. We only swap back to Raven form when we need to recover Heart Points, then quickly swap back to Cat form again.

For Combat Settings, you can do the following:

Raven Bound - Manually change to Raven Set:

(1) Demon Chain

(2) Annihilation

(3) Phantom: Raven - recover life

Cat Bound - Manually change to Cat Set:

(5) Destruction Blast

(6) Doom Blast

(7) Spectral Cat

(8) Grim Scythe

Repeat on Loop.

The following skills are left on Manual.

- Raven's Shadow 

- Phantom Shifting (raven)

- Cat's Kiss

- Phantom Shifting (cat)

These 4 skills are teleportation skills. So we should use them manually in a strategic manner. It could be to run away, or to gap close.


This is the most important section for the Reaper Build guide. It will explain our rationale for the whole build.


C Level Talent - Destroy in Chain. This will enable the Destruction Blast and Doom Blast to cannot Miss. Therefore, enemies cannot dodge them. For the Cat form, the most important skill is Doom Blast. We need 13 Cat's Essence to be able to cast Doom Blast. Why is Doom Blast the most important skill? Because Grim Scythe's cooldown is 90 seconds. We therefore cannot rely on Grim Scythe too much. Doom Blast is the skill with the next best DPS, and it can also CC enemies. More importantly, everytime we cast Cat Bound and change to the Cat form, see S Level Talent, we will get 5 seconds of Super Armour. If the 5 seconds of Super Armour runs out, you can still get Super Armour by casting Cat's Kiss, see B Level Talent, to get 2 seconds of Super Armour each time. Stay in Cat form as long as you can to deal DPS. You will run out of Heart points quickly, so switch back to Raven form and heal up. Then repeat.

B Level Talent - Cat's Walk. Grants 30% damage buff, and 2 seconds of Super Armour. So, After the 5 seconds of Super Armour above has ended, if there is still Heart points to use, we will need to cast Cat's Kiss to get more Super Armour to reduce the damage taken.

A Level Talent - Shadow Recall. This extends your travel back in time to 4 seconds, which also means that you will be able to recover more life.

S Level Talent - Cat's Tango. When we switch from Raven form to Cat form, we will get Super Armour for 5 seconds. This is critical for the rational above.

If you do it right, you should be able to be in Super Armour mode for most of your time in Cat's Mode. Minimise the time spent in Raven Mode, just enough to recharge Heart Points, Heal, and come back to Cat's Mode as much as possible.


C Level Talent - Cat Enhancement. Helps to reach Doom Blast faster, which is the Main DPS Skill.

B Level Talent - Cat's Walk. Buffs DPS by 30%.

A Level Talent - Shadow Recall

S Level Talent - Cat's Tango. Allows us to spam Destruction Blast.



From the main menu, go to "Skill" --> "Talent" --> "Deep Talent" at the bottom left.


Sly of a Fox


High Magic


Remaining Shadow



Magic Affinity


Sly of a Fox


High Magic


Remaining Shadow


Magic Affinity




(1) Netherlight

(2) Thunderclap


(1) King's Servant

(2) Scorch - debuffs the enemy to reduce its PDEF and MDEF by 20%.


All the Sigils are important for the various builds. With patience, you can slowly upgrade them. Perhaps DEX can be the last priority. Because our builds revolve around STR, CON and INS.
One way to get D-Cypher Runes to upgrade the Sigils easily is to buy them from the Club Store.


Stat Priorities
Prioritise all the Main stats that are Core to the Reaper class.
6 stats per equipment:
(1) INT (Main)
(2) CON (Main)
(3) INS (Main)
(4) M.ATK (Main)
(5) AP (Main) - (we replace CDR with AP because we feel the CDR is already very fast)
(6) Earth Attack

We suggest to stick to the same Equipment stats because Equipment Stats are not like Core Gems and Skills that we can change in and out easily. So for Equipment, its best to focus on the 6 Core stats as much as you can. Then, whether you want to be a Tank or DPS character, augment it by Core Gems.
You can't sell gears in this game, you can only dismantle. So Before you dismantle unused gears, check the "Trans" feature to see what stats you will be able to "Trans" over.
(1) Trans over useful stats from other gear to your currently used gear.

(2) If you change gears, Trans over useful stats from the previous gear to the new gear.This is to make sure that your accumulated stats will keep getting better and better.


Late Game, you will be able to purchase all 8 yellow chips because there will be 10 slots.


Which Allies are most suitable to be Reaper Main Ally? Check out the Ally Guide section.