Click on the "Q" at the top right and corner of the main screen. Inside, click on "Tale" tab. you can then click on "View" to view the tale side quests.



You will need some patience for this quest. It will also be better to watch the youtube video below to do it.

Video by ROBIADLER youtube channel. https://youtu.be/ukXVmL24iKs

Head to Tokyo. Open the Map at the top right hand corner. Locate the building where the "Moon Realm" portal is on the map. Go to that building.

At the bottom of the building, you will need to climb up to the highest point of the building. To do that, you will need the "Dash" skill. It is at the bottom right hand corner where the action buttons are. you will see "Fall", "Dash"and "Ride". When you press on the "Dash"skill, you may not be able to do it because you have the Ravenous buff. See here how to get rid of it.

Dash all the way to the highest point of the building to see the NPC and talk to him. He will ask you to find 13 ducks in the building. There is 1 rule though : you can only use the normal jump and double jump features. If you fall off the building by mistake, tap on the quest menu "tap to complete: return to the original..." and you will be brought back to the starting point to try again.

From here on, follow the video to find the ducks. With patience, you will find them easily. I will leave some tips for 2 ducks:

Duck No. 10 : The duck is located on a very tiny platform. In the video below, the character manages to jump onto the tiny platform. However, if you did not manage to, don't worry. You don't need to go back to the start. All you need to do is get to the bottom of the platform as near to the duck as possible and look up. you should be able to interact with the duck from below the platform. I managed to do it this way.

Duck No. 12: in the video guide, there are 3 different tries to get to the duck. the 3rd one works best and works for me too. So you can ignore the first 2 and use the 3rd try method.

After you get all 13 ducks, you will complete this anecdote.

This turns out to be the Tokyo Jumper Silver Tale quest.


Go to Chiruzu on a rainy day and before 9AM game time.. i personally went around 8AM game time and it was raining. Go to 160,220 and talk with the girl holding an umbrella. Talk with her and choose the option ''chat for awhile''.

Some guides will say that you will have to keep talking to her until she mentions that ''you are a very good person''. For me, it occurred the first try, so i cannot verify if this is a must. Then, wait until 9AM game time, the rain should stop. When this happens, go to the location 109,215 and you will see the girl there. 

Talk with her, and choose ''i don't want the umbrella, i want you''. You will also get the Red Butterfly umbrella outfit.

This turns out to be the Umbrella Seller Silver Tale quest.

You can talk to the girl again, and this time, you can pay her the 350,000 gold to get the Red Petals Umbrella outfit.



Go to Siberia Harbour from the world map, and go to the coordinates 236,123. Interact with the lighthouse door and press on ''Knock''.
Then, go to 421,200 to interact with the Old Man. Choose ''What can i do for you?'' Interact with him again to trigger the quest ''Find the Notebook'' in the quest log.
Go back to your room in the Orphanage, 311,343. Go to your desk at the corner, and interact with the desk. You will now need to find some toos.
So, go outside of the room to 334,357 to interact with the toolbox there. You will trigger the quest to find 4 toppled trees.
You can find and interact with the 4 toppled trees at these coordinates:
- 292,291
- 301,286
- 259,303
- 268,269.
If you can't interact with these logs or they are not at the locations specified, don't worry. Just run around the area and you will see similar


fallen trees. Try to interact with each one until you find 4 of them.

You now have to make the raft. Go back to the old man at 421,200. Explore the area behind him and the 'log' icon will trigger for you to press on it. You will build the raft. 

Talk to the old man to give the raft to him. Choose 'Here you are, i hope your dream will come true''.

Talk to the old man again to say goodbye, and he will disappear.
Wait for a few days and come back again. I personally waited 2 full days. If it doesn't happen, you can wait longer.
Go back to the lighthouse location 236,123, and interact with the lighthouse. The old man will appear. Talk with him to complete the Anecdote.

This turns out to be the Old Man and Sea Silver Tale quest.



From the main menu, press on ''Tamer'' to go to your room. From there, exit your room by the door to go out to the lift lobby. Then, enter the lift and go upstairs. If you are brought to a normally lit room, go back out of the room and back to the lift lobby. Keep going back into the lift and going upstairs again until you end up in a dark and eery room.
If the room is dark and eery, you are in the correct room. Walk towards the TV and switch on Vision. Look at the ground infront of the TV, and see if there are any white footsteps. If there are no footsteps, then you are out of luck. You have to repeat this process of going back out of the room to the lift lobby and coming back up again until you meet 2 conditions:
(1) you are in the dark eery room
(2) you switch on vision infront of the TV and you can see white footsteps on the ground by the TV.
I tried this from 11PM - 1AM and i managed to get it around 1AM.
When this happens, you will see a glitter on the TV and be able to interact with it. Choose ''No Sadako Yamamura in the TV, i guess?'' There will be a scene and you will end up at the lift lobby.
Do the same steps to go back up into the dark eery room again. This time when you get in, go to 214,253 and turn on vision. You should see the white footsteps on the floor. The interaction glitter will apppear on some shoes. Choose ''wear the shoes on the left''.
A quest will trigger in your quest menu to ''Go Deeper''. Walk to the corner of the room, 211,254, and a girl will appear in the room. Talk with her and choose ''i will play with you forever''. And you will complete this anecdote.

This turns out to be the Midnight Voice Silver Tale Quest.



Go to the Cassell College basketball Court. On the Cassell College map, the basketball court is at the bottom right corner. If you visit the basketball court during the afternoons when the weather is Sunny, you will see Tatsuhiko Kimura at 261,446.
Talk with him and you can initiate the the quest. You will have 10 minutes to shoot the ball into the hoop 10 times in a row. And you can only try this once a day. This really needs patience, i myself took a month to get a hang of it.
Outside of the quest, you can pick up the stray basketballs lying around to practice at your own time. There are many online guides and methods, but really its just practice until you get to know the system, and find something that suits yourself.
Practice Practice Practice.
Finally, the day will come when you hit 10 hoops in a row, and you will complete this anecdote.
This turns out to be the Basketball Team Silver Tale Quest.
Below is a video by MMOPH that you can watch of the method that I used to achieve the quest.




To get this anecdote, i completed the No. 7 Pitcher Bronze Tale Quest and the Basketball Team Silver Tale Quest already.

I then came back to the basketball court and it was at 01:00 game time. Yes! at night and i could still trigger the Basketball activity.

I shot 7 hoops in a row in the dark, and i completed this anecdote.

I am not certain what were the conditions to complete it. Could it be shooting at night? or could it just be a general accumulation of shots because i actually come to shoot basketball everyday whenever i'm free.

This turns out to be the Star Pitcher Silver Tale Quest.

It also unlocks the #3 Customization for the Cassell Uniform outfit.

You can see this by going to Wardrobe --> Cassell Uniform --> Customize at the bottom left area.


From the world map, go to the Library. Then, go into the library and go downstairs, and look for a mirror at 39,69. If you are lucky, when you get to the mirror, the words "memory in the mirror'' will flash on the screen. This means that the quest is triggered. If not, come back another time and try again. 

(1) My first quest that triggered in the quest menu was to ''talk to EVA''. I got this at 2PM game time when i tried after a few days of trying. I followed the quest to talk with her outside the library and completed it.

(2) Second quest triggered at 1PM game time a few days later. This time, it was to ''check on Frustrated Finger''.

(3) 3rd quest triggered at 2PM game time. It was ''talk to Finger''. Finger would be with a girl.

(4) 4th quest triggered at 12AM game time. It was "Talk to the robot Adams". 

So it seems like, all the triggers are indeed between 12-3PM and 12-3AM. It doesn't happen every day though i tried this for 1 month at least almost every day before i got it.
This turns out to be the Risk in Mirror Silver Tale Quest.



Go to Siberia Harbour. Go to 328,347 and talk with Antonia. If you are lucky, she will strike up a conversation with you. You have to try this everyday until you encounter 5 different types of conversations. To date, these are what i have encountered.
(1) Talk about "Nark".
(2) Asks you to clean the Yard. You will see glitter interactions on the ground nearby. Just choose one to interact with it, then talk with Antonia again. 

(3) She will ask you to clean up the beds. The quest will be activated in the quest menu ''the manager asks you to clean up the bed''. So go to your room and go to your bed at 306,342 and interact with your bed to clean it up. Then go back to her to complete this quest.

(4) She will ask you to find the dog. Choose "Have everone look around and search". Go to 341,266 to interact with the dog. (Blizzard weather only)

(5) She will ask you to move the sundries. There will be a crate next to her. Pick it up and go into the house 309,347 to put down the crate there.

After you complete these 5 activities, you will complete the tale.

This happens to be the Harbor Guardian Silver tale Quest.


i don't believe there is any particular trigger for this quest, because different people have gotten it through different means. 

Everday, just go over to the Cassell College Basketball Court and look for the Walking Vending Machine. On the Cassell College map, the basketball courts are at the botton right corner of the map. Interact with the Walking Vending Machine 3 times a day, and follow through with any activities that come with it.

For me, what completed this quest was when the walking vending machine broke down, and i chose to Report it to EVA.

However, I know that different people have gotten it differently. So i think, its probably just about interacting with the walking vending machine 3 times each day until you get this anecdote.

This turns out to be the Walking Machine Silver Tale Quest.


This quest is bugged, so you may see a few variations online. I will only talk about what i went through.
This quest only works if you have the Superstar Career.
Go to Tokyo, and go to 591,382. You will notice a book on the floor. Press on it to read it. Once done, the angel's voice quest will trigger in your quest menu. 
After reading the book, Misaki should appear at the locatino with the "!" on her head. For me, i had to return another time to find her standing there. I don't think its time sensitive, probably just random. So check by whenever you are free. When you see Misaki, talk with her. Talk with her again and choose ''i thought it was scrap paper on the floor''. Talk with her again, and the icon to ''console'' her will appear. Interact with it. Then talk with her again and choose ''Recognition''. Talk with her and she will dance for you. Keep talking to her, then choose ''Um Chizuru? The one that Lumi Senpai loves?'' Then choose ''Great!''. Talk with her again and choose ''dreamy studio''. And she will walk off.
Now you have to go back to your Superstar Studio. You can do it in a few ways. From the main menu, go to Career --> Goods --> Hypermarket or Gift and craft something. Or, do any activity that would bring you back to the studio, like Career --> Artist --> Seaweed Dance Course. Talk with Misaki at the Studio. Keep talking to her, then choose ''Why to be an idol?''. Keep talking to her, then choose ''okay''. 


Go back to Tokyo, and go to the MacDonalds at 586,427 at 2AM Game time. Misaki will appear exactly at 2AM. At least that happened to me. Choose ''invite Misaki''. She will walk away. 
This is where things get funny. Personally, i just went to 564,98. I saw the bunch of girls there and i performed. Then Misaki appeared. I talked with Misaki and the girls and the anecdote was completed.
Some people apparently had to go through a lot more before coming to 564,98 to complete the quest, but i am not sure.
Some people also say that its bugged because of the ''talk to the little girl'' quest that was completed earlier. If you completed the ''talk to the little girl'' quest earlier on in the game, then you will be able to skip to 564,98.
Oh well. this quest turned out much easier than expected.

This turns out to be the Angels' Voice Silver Tale quest.



Go to the Principal's Office, and sit on Anjou's chair. Choose "look around". You can only do this 3 times a day. If you get lucky, a "Masked Thief" will appear to chat with you. If not, try again another day.
Some people say that the above step is not required to trigger the tale, but i personally did it, so i have added this step in.
Once you have triggered the Masked Thief above, go to 41,70, turn on vision and run around that area. It will be behind a pillar.
Again, if you get lucky, EVA will be triggered to talk with you. It will be something like "Alert! A Mystery Thief broke into the Principal's Office...."
Personally, this took me 3 weeks to trigger, and i tried almost every day. Some guides say that it will work between 1AM to 7AM. For me, it triggered around 5AM-6AM Game Time.
Once this is achieved, the rest will be smooth sailing.
Go to Cassell College and go to 148,120. Swithc on Vision to see the Thief and talk with him. Choose "The Thief! Where?!" Then, i chose ''You should stop doing bad things''. But i believe any choice will be fine.
Then go to 277,460. Turn on Vision and talk to the thief again. I chose "Please stop doing bad things". But i believe any choice will be fine too.
Talk to the Thief again and he will disappear.
Now, you need to switch to a Motor that can Fly. With motors that can fly, you will see the "Rise" and "Drop" functions at the bottom right. 
Rise up as high as you can, and Fly to 124,405. It will be on the high up platform of the Library. Switch on Vision to talk to the thief. Again, i believe you can choose any choice.
Next, go to Chizuru. Go to 173,211. Turn on Vision and talk to the thief. 
Go back to the Principal's Office and talk to Anjou, and you will complete this anecdote.
The thief will trigger a conversation. Personally, i chose ''Stealing is illegal''.
This turns out to be the Mystery Thief Silver Tale Quest.