From the main menu, you will see the "Social" feature at the bottom right hand corner. Click on it, and then go to ''Flower Ticket'' at the top left.

Each day, you can send flowers to your friends. You can also receive up to 5 Flower tickets a day from friends. Remember to collect the 5 flower tickets each day! After reaching 100 flower tickets, it can be exchanged for a reward.

You will also see the "Gratitude" Tab here. You can choose One friend a day to send a message to.



When you have at least 2,800 link points with a friend, you will be able to form a bond. You can bond with up to 9 friends. How do you check the link points? Go to ''Friends'' --> ''Contact'' --> Click on any friend to see the chat box, look at the botto mto see the Link Pts. 

Go to Cassell College map and look at the right side of the Map to locate the ''Pact of Bond'' NPC. 

Form a party with the person that you want to bond with, the party can only have the 2 of you, and talk with the NPC. Choose ''Create a Bond''. 

In the future, you can also come back to this NPC to cancel the bond, or change the bond name. There are 2 type of cancelling bonds, a mutual agreement cancel, and a 1-way cancel. Obviously, a mutual agreement cancel will be better.

You can earn bond points by killing enemies with your bond partners. If you have 2 or more bond partners in the same party, you will only earn bond points with 1 person. You can then use the bond points to purchase items from the Bond Shop.

Every now and then, you can come back to the NPC with your bond to choose ''Bond Memorial'' to receive rewards. You can check the date by going to Social --> Bond --> Choose a bond person --> The Day.

You can also talk to the NPC and choose ''Red Packet'' to give out Red Packets to everyone in the game when bond miletones are met.


Open up the world map at the top right hand corner of the main screen. Go to Cassell College. Look at the Cassell College map, and at the right hand column, find the NPC named "Bond Party Manager". Form a party of 2 people, and talk to the Bond Party Manager. You will be able to enter the Party House.

Inside the Party House, there will an NPC just by the entrance. Talk to him to hold the party, and you will be able to choose the various settings for the party like the party theme, as well as the rewards that you and party goers will be able to get for joining the party.  When you are ready, you can pay 520 diamonds to the Party Manager to start the party. The two players who are bonded will get a time-limited Outfit - Party Mood and other valuable rewards when they hold a party. Meanwhile, the players who join the party can also get some rewards. Basically, the party room is just a place to chill, hang out, it would be fun if people were on voice chat. It would probably come in handy now that everyone is mostly stuck indoors due to COVID-19.

If you don't host the party, you can also join someone else's party. To do this, you have to look at the Main screen or the System Chat for the announcements. For System chat, press on the chat at the bottom left to open it up, then choose the System tab. The announcement should look something like this. ''XXX and XXX's Bond Party is about to start! Go to the Party Manager and join the party! [Join Now].'' You can press on the "Join Now" to immediately to go the party venue.

During the party, you will constantly get EXP and other rewards as time passes. There will also be games and activities. 

(1) Look at your Quest List. You can:

- Take a picture at party house for momento. Follow the quest accordingly.

- Shop around nearby until the Party begins. Follow this quest to go around the party house doing tasks such as reading a book, or drinking a drink. you can do it 5 times. You can see the notice ''You wandered around, Atmosphere +10. (5/5).''.

- Go Sign in. Follow the quest to talk to the NPC to register for the event.

- Make food for guests (if you are a chef)

- Taste the food. Just eat! You can only keep up to 10 food. This is very useful. You can keep the food in your inventory that are useful for you and eat it to buff yourself during boss raids or PVP events.

- Do a special dance - dance at the dance floor

- Provide Music for the Party. You will head over the piano and can play some piano pieces.

- You can also go over to the DJ and interact with her to play 3 different types of music. She is at 109,107.

- You can also send a special message to everyone at the Bond Party by pressing on the ''View'' icon at the bottom of the screen, and typing your message.

(2) Battle of Ghosts

In this event, some characters will be turned into Ghosts, and some characters will be Survivors.

The Ghosts will be able to turn survivors into Ghosts. And the side with more people at the end will win.

At the end of the party, you will be able to claim a party Souvenir.

At the Party, there will usually be a theme. For example, Maid theme or Pyjama theme. You will then have to wear the costume that best suits this theme. If you put on clothes that fit the atmosphere of the party, you will be able to claim more rewards. 

Here is what i have found:

Pyjama Theme - Awaken outfit

Maid Theme - Dream Guardian outfit


From the main menu, you will see the "Social" feature at the bottom right hand corner. Click on it, and then go to ''Affinity'' at the top left.

This is like a mini Tinder inside the game. Basically, you can indicate your interest for someone, but that person will not know it. However, if that person happens to indicate his/her interest for you, then there will be a 'Match'. So far, i haven't figured out any other benefits for this Affinity feature.


From the main menu, you will see the "Social" feature at the bottom right hand corner. Then, click on Mentorship.

When you reach level 35, find another player that is also level 35 and above. Preferably, a player that you like to spend time with in the game. 

In the Mentorship screen, Click on "Mentorship" at the top right, and click on "Go" to be brought to the Mentorship NPC. Make sure that you are in a party first, then the leader of the party can talk to the NPC to create the Mentor & Apprentice relationship.

Once thats done, one person will be the Mentor, and the other person will be the Apprentice. The apprentice will be able to see a list of quests that you can do on a regular basis each day. When the Apprentice completes the quests, both the Apprentice and the Mentor will be given Points. You can use these points to spend in the "Shop" at the bottom right.

The more points that you get, the higher Apprentice rank you will achieve too. The rank can be seen in the "Progress" bar.

When the Apprentice reaches level 60, you will be able to Graduate. The higher the Apprentice Rank achieved, the greater the Graduatio rewards that both the Apprentice and Mentor will get upon graduation.

To find out more about whats good to buy with Study Points or Mentor Ratings, check out this section here.



From the main menu, go to Social --> Soul Mate.
In order to become a Soul Mate with another character, you and that character must first already have a Bond.

You can then Go to the World Map, and go to the Church. Inside, you can look for the ''Soul Mate Pact'' NPC, and select ''Be a Soul Mate''.
You must also meet the following conditions:
- the party must only contain the 2 characters that plan to be soulmates, and the party member must be in Follow status.
- players must be above level 40
- Players must already have a Bond
- Players must have above 2,800 Bond Points
- you cannot have revoked a soul mate within the past 24 hours.
If all the conditions are met, you can give your couple a symbol and name, and choose 'Be a Soul Mate'.
Enjoy the Scene!
In this game, you can have up to 3 Soul Mates.


You can access this feature in 2 ways:
(1) Main Menu press on Social --> Soul Mate --> ''Soul Mate'' to choose the Soul Mate that you want to visit.
(2) Main Screen press on ''Friends'' at the bottom left side --> Find your SoulMate's chat and you will see a 'pink heart' next to their Names. Press on it.
In the Love Connection section, you can Press on the ''Heart'' at the bottom right Corner and see 4 buttons appear.
This will teleprot you to where the Soul Mate is.
You can buy drinks for your Soul Mate. You can give up to 5 drinks a day
Give your Soul Mate food if you have.
Miss You
A text box will appear at the top where you can leave a message.
In the Live Connection section, at the bottom left corner you will also see:


This shows your Soul Mate Certificate.
To Revoke this Soul Mate
This will take you to the Patrol feature. Soul Mate Patrol is something like a Wedding Party of sorts. I will cover this in another separate section.


You can access this feature in 2 ways:

(1) Main Menu press on Social --> Soul Mate --> ''Soul Mate'' to choose the Soul Mate that you want to visit.


(2) Main Screen press on ''Friends'' at the bottom left side --> Find your SoulMate's chat and you will see a 'pink heart' next to their Names. Press on it.

In the Love Connection section, you will see the Patrol feature at the bottom left. Soul Mate Patrol is something like a Wedding Party of sorts.

I will cover this soon.

This Sweet Patrol will cost 680 Coupons. We tried it and its actually just for the experience. The rewards are totally not worth it. What do you get in return? 

- 1 day limited Moon Goddess Outfit

- 1 day limited Moon Goddess Hair

- 1 day limited Moon Goddess Headwear

- 10 Sweets that you can eat to get various character buffs  for 2 hours.

So honestly, for 680 coupons, the rewards are not great at all. Only spend if you want to have the experience.
Other players who join in the Soul Mate Patrol will get Soul Mate Patrol Souvenirs and other rewards, maximum of 3 times daily.


You can plant an Oath Tree for each of your soulmates. So, a maximum of 3 Oath Trees. See how to plant the Oath Tree here.

You can cultivate the Oath tree in 2 ways.

(1) From the main screen, go to Social --> Soul Mate --> Choose your Soul Mate --> Oath Tree at the top right.

(2) From the main screen, go to Home --> Go to Home --> interact with the Oath Trees.

Here, you can collect the Oath berries, and also give the oath tree water, fertilizer and kill bugs. If the tree is in trouble, you will also get a notification via the normal chat with your Soulmate that will say the Oath Tree is in trouble.

You can find the Oath berries that you get in the Points section, via Profile --> Points --> Scroll down to Oath Berry. We can use Oath Berries to purchase items from the Oath Berry shop.

These Oath Berries look the same as those in your inventory that you can exchange for buffs. Don't worry, they are different. You can continue to change the ones in  your inventory into buffs.