Genshin Impact Story Quests Walkthrough

Secret Pirate Treasure

Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act 1

In Monstadt,  go to the Adventurer's Guild headquarters and you will find Kaeya inside to trigger quest. Follow Kaeya outside to talk with him again.

Go to the Adventurer's Guild and you will see Jack outside. Talk with him. You can talk with him again.

Then talk to Cyrus nearby to continue the quest. Remember to talk to all the characters thorougly to cover all the choices to get rewards if you have not spoken to them yet.

Follow the quest to talk to Kaeya.

Follow the quest to the next market outside of town at the edge of the Whispering Woods. Kill the enemies to save Vile. I chose ''Thank you, friend''. We also get a clue: ''Three six-armed giants reside in the city in the lake. Two guard the statue, one, the treasure.''. We also get a map which is of a picture of a scene. If you look closely, you can recognize the goddess statue at the top left. Its Mondstadt, and a chest. I then chose ''Sure thing''.

To solve the riddle, the three six-armed giants refer to the 3 Windmills in the city. Teleport to the Knights of Favonius waypoint in Mondstadt city. You will thus be at the top of the building. Look for the 3 windmills and find the Centre one. You will be able to see the chest on its upper platform. We can jump and glide to it directly from the top of the Knights of Favonius building.

Open the chest to get the next clue, ''She doesn't love him at all. The passion rushing through the clear spring is just a front. when she's cold and alone, her true heart is revealed.'' Theres also another map that shows an area the South of Mondstadt.

If you are not sure about the clue, you can go back to the Knights of Favonius building to chat with Kaeya inside. Kaeya gives hints such as:

- Springvale. I chose ''when the water level changes?'' 

- Waterfall

- Cliff on the left side of the waterfall.

- Cryo, and

- Vision.

So lets go to the point on the map to see what we can do with these clues.

The next point on the map shows an area that is still dark and not yet explored. I will cover the part about exploring Springvale in the Main Guide. I would recommend to complete this exploration first before continuing with this story quest.

At this point we would have completed the exploration of the Springvale area as recommended above. We proceed to continue this Story Quest. Proceed to the Lake just South of Springvale. You will see the quest yellow circle in the area. The objective is not at the base of the water fall. We have to run around to get to the top of the cliff where the source of the waterfall is.

At the objective, you will see 3 ice towers that you can use Cryo skills to light up to get the chest.

Paimon appears, and i choose ''Let's report to Kaeya first''. But its no use. Paimon will suggest we go straight for the treasure.

Teleport to Temple of the Lion waypoint to reach the objective earlier.

Jump down to the Falcon Coast beach and you will see the objective marked there. It is the entrance to Lost Arcadia.

Lost Arcadia

This dungeon starts off pretty straight forward at the beginning. You will meet a fire Slimes miniboss. If the flamethrowers start spitting fire during the battle, you can use Cryo skills to shut off the flamethrowers.

As you proceed you will come to a scene with ''???''. I chose ''The Black Market?'' He turns out to be Izzard.

The scene continues and a fire boss appears to be killed. I chose ''you liked to us''. Then i chose ''Means you'll use a different method next time?''.

Remember to collect the Precious Chest before leaving the area.

This completes the Story Quest : Secret Pirate Treasure, Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act 1. However, its not over in this area yet. If you have been following us since the beginning, then we should now take advantage of being in this area of the world map to explore the Southern portion of the Dadaupa Gorge (West) and Windrise. Click on the link to go back to our Walkthrough.

Wind, Courage and Wings

Lepus Chapter: Act 1

Head to Mondstadt town and head to the area where the giant Statue is. You will find Amber here to trigger the quest. We will need to take a Gliding test. Then head over the next quest location to meet Amber. Complete the test and the next part will be back on Mondstadt. follow the quest navigator to find Amber again. After this test, Amber will be at the top of the Knights of Favionus building. You can just teleport to the waypoint that is at the top of the building. After the 3rd test, you will meet Otto. We now have to capture Raptor.

Go to the next quest objective by teleporting to the Springvale waypoint. We have to use Vision to find some clues. On the world map you will see small yellow circles appear. Go to each yellow circle and use vision to find the clues. At one of the circles, you will encounter Xiang Ling and trigger the Story Quest Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip: Ladle Chapter: Act 1, but we will continue this story quest later. Get the clue from all 3 yellow circles first and there will be a scene.


Follow the quest to the new yellow circle that appears. Kill the hillichurls to save Farrah. Then head to the next yellow circle to kill some thugs. Keep heading from yellow circle to the next until the scene. After the scene, follow the quest navigator to find Raptor's Hideout. It will be just a few steps ahead.

Raptor's Hideout

The first part will be the gliding exam, so just go with the flow.

The second part will be dungeon exploration. So explore the dungeon thoroughly like how we have done for the previous ones. Destroy crates, use fire skills to burn vines.

When you reach the large room with the pool of water at the centre, look to the southwest wall and you will be able to destroy it to reveal a chest behind.

In the chamber, you will first need to use a ranged character to destroy the structures on the East and West walls. This wall cause the water level to drop so that you can access the device at the center. This will unlock the next chamber.

In this next chamber, a bow and arrow character will be ideal, to kill the enemies on the upper platforms from a far. After killing them off, you can then take your time to explore the chamber thoroughly before interacting with the device at the center.

When you ride the wind current up, at the top of the wind current, look around to see a chest. You can then enter the chamber. 

When you come to the Wind channel to go to the next area, don't go yet. At this point there are 2 things that i can't figure out.

(1) Instead of crossing the wind channel, head left along the wall and you will notice a path jutting out of the wall that you can follow. It will lead you to a large water chamber. In the water chamber, If you hug the West wall, you can run across the water chamber without having to swim.

(2) Also, if you don't cross the wind channel, you can jump down the platform below. I explored the platform below but i could not find anything. So im not sure what its for. 

If anyone figures out what (1) and (2) are for, feel free to write in to let me know!

After crossing the wind channel, there will be a scene. Follow the story and fight Raptor and his henchmen. Then leave Raptor's Hideout. Follow the quest back to the cathedral. You can teleport to a waypoint in town instead of running back.

You will then complete this Story Quest Wind, Courage and Wings, Lepus Chapter: Act 1

Troublesome Work

Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act 1

Follow the quest navigator to the Knights of Favonius headquarters and go to the Library to find Lisa.

Follow the quest to find Marjorie. We will need to pick a gift for Lisa. I chose ''Ragged Old Scroll''. 

Follow the quest to nearby Sara. We have to pick food that Lisa likes. If you are not sure, do not choose yet. Exit the choice screen and talk to Sara directly, then choose ''Regarding Lisa's taste in food...''. The clue is Vegetarian. Go back to speak to Lisa and I chose ''Radish Veggie Soup''. Sit with Lisa for the meal.

The next stop will be Donna. We will need to pick some flowers for Lisa. If you are not sure, do not choose yet. Exit the choice screen and talk to Flora who is manning the flower shop just infront. Ask her ''What kind of flowers does Lisa like?''. Its Cecilia. So go back to Donna to choose ''Cecilia''.

We need to look for the book. Use Vision to follow follow the signs and investigate. Run out of Mondstadt and across the bridge, use Vision at the end of the bridge to investigate another sign. You can see the target area in a yellow circle on the minimap.

Go to the next yellow circle in the mimimap and use Vision hear the pile of logs.

Follow the quest navigator on the map to the next yellow circle and use vision to search again.

Use vision to follow the purple magic until you reach then end.

Abyss Mage Stronghold

Explore the area thoroughly, destroy crates and barrels and find chests. The first area will have a chest to the West.

Glide over to the next platform making use of the up-wind. Theres another chest here.

Glide over to the next area. There will be a chest to the East. Also in the East room, use an Electro skill to trigger the purple crystals to unlock the door to the next area.

In this next area, you will need to cast Electro skills to the devices on the left wall to trigger the bridge to appear.

In the next room, Electro skills again on the right wall to open the gate.

Run around the next room to trigger the slimes to appear. Kill them to unlock the device and interact with it. The up-wind will bring us to the next area.

The final chamber is pretty straight forward. Kill off the enemies and the Abyss Mage.

Trigger the device to go down into the next room. To not get hurt, you can glide to cushion your fall. 

Collect all the items from the chest and this dungeon is complete.

Follow the quest back to the Library. I chose ''Teyvat Travel Guide".

Collect the guide from the nearby wal lto complete this Story Quest Troublesome Work, Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act 1.


Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip 

Ladle Chapter: Act 1

Follow the quest navigator to encounter Xiang Ling and trigger the Story Quest. She will ask for Three chunks of raw meat. You should already have a lot in your inventory if you have been exploring as I did. You can easily shoot wild boars using a bow and arrow character to get the raw meat.

Follow the quest to talk to Draff. Then, Xiangling will wander nearby to Brook who is cooking. 

Follow the quest navigator to the next area. To get to XiangLing, just run around the perimeter of the lake. 

Go to the yellow circle and look for the pond, collect the Lotus on the pond to trigger the next yellow circle.

I will update soon.