Top Up in game purchases at up to 30% discount.

Topping up and making in-game purchases through 3rd parties are awesome because of the massive discounts that you can get. But, what turns most people off is the fact that they have to reveal their login passwords to the 3rd party. This is so that the 3rd party can purchase the items for you, and do their thing to get the discounts. A lot of trust is required, and a lot of people remain afraid to try it. So here we shortlist the most trustworthy 3rd parties. We shortlist them here because we have tried them before, and they have served us well for a long time.

#1: Kiki 

Her name is Kiki. you can add her on:

(1) Line via her Line ID "sinenis." Yes, don't forget the . at the back.

(2) Whatsapp. +66994265823.

The minimum top up is negotiable, so do chat with her to see how she can help you.

We will add more if we manage to come across them, and after they have managed to win our trust.