Genshin Impact World Quests Walkthrough

Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild

In Monstadt, talk to Katheryne to register at the Adventurer's guild. You can collect Adventurer Rewards and also get the Adventurer handbook.

Collector of Anemo Sigils

In Mondstadt, talk to Marjorie. We can now use Anemo Sigils to exchange for items at Marjorie's store. I don't think we need to buy anything from Marjorie now, so lets save up the Anemo Sigils.

A Fine Opportunity?

We would have collected this task in Mondstadt in Act 1.

Teleport to the temple of the Wolf, and this World Quest objective will be just nearby.

You will see a yellow circle to mark the quest area on the world map. Travel to the centre of the yellow circle to rescue Jack.

Then travel to the next yellow circle to clear out the Hilichurls. First there will be a shaman that keep summoning annoying roots,. kill him off first. Then a stronger boss will appear to be killed.

Return back to Mondstadt. We will revisit this part of the map to explore it thoroughly later on,  For now, the Midsummer Courtyard area is still not available so it shows that we will be coming back later on.

Talk to Cyrus to finish this World Quest.

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal

Refer to our Main Guide Act 2 exploration of Dadaupa Gorge to complete this World Quest.

Everyday a New Adventure

Trigger this quest with Katheryne in Mondstadt, the Adventurer's Guild NPC. Complete 4 x Daily Commissions and speak with Katheryne each day to complete this world quest. 

Busy Adventurer's Guild

Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt to trigger this quest. This will unlock Expeditions. See Dailies for more information.

Wisdom of Ancient Civilizations

Follow the quest navigator to talk to Timaeus in Monstadt.You will unlock Crafting.

New Horizons of Adventure

Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt to trigger this quest. Choose ''any new commissions?'' This quest requires that we go to Liyue, which is a little too far away, so we will continue this another time.

Lianne's Troubles

Encountered while running around the world map of Mondstadt. Give to her 2 Snapdragons to complete this world quest.