Open up the World Map at the top right, and look at the top right you will see the word 'line'. It will be just below the name of the map. Line means Channels in this game. You can tap on it to change channels. For some maps, there will be only 1 channel available.


Dragon Raja Regional and World Map UI. On the top right hand corner of the screen, you will see a set of Co-ordinates. eg 268,463. Clicking on it will take you to the Regional Map

On the right hand column, you can see a list of important NPCs that you may require, such as Class Transfers, Pact of Bond, etc.

You can also press on anywhere on the map to travel to that location automatically.

Press on the "Globe" at the bottom right corner to be taken to the World Map.

On the top left corner you will see the Weather. you can also click on the ''weather report'' to see the weather of the next few hours. The weather is important to trigger some events.

Here are some events that i noticed require the right weather.

(1) Basketball. It will require Sunny weather.

(2) Tale Quests like Bronze Tale Quests, Silver Tale Quests and Gold Tale Quests.

It will be fun to note that the different cities will have different weather.


don't confuse both!

On the top right hand corner of the main screen, you will see the time. This refers to Server Time. You will use Server time for all the Events timings.

If you click on the world map at the top right hand corner, at the map screen, look at the top left, where the weather is, and you will see another time there. That is the Game Time. You will use Game Time for quest timings. 

By the way, every 1 hour of game time is equivalent to 10 minutes of our real time.

It will also be fun to note that there is a game time difference in each city on the world map. For example, it could be 9PM game time in Cassell College, but only 7PM Game Time in Tokyo.